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Death Never Misses an Appointment

As in the tradition of movies like “Final Destination” it appears Death never misses an appointment.

Air France Flight 447 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean during a violent storm on June 1 this year. Though wreckage has been recovered, the black boxes and cause of the crash remain reclusive. All 228 passengers and crew died in the accident.

An initially fortunate Italian couple missed Flight 447 from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. We can assume their disappointment about missing the flight turned to joy, relief and appreciation when they learned they missed out on going to a horrific watery grave.

Johanna and Kurt Ganthaler arrived safely back in Europe a couple of days later and decided to drive back to Italy from Munich.

However Death appears to have been irritated by the interruption to his schedule. As the couple were driving out of Austria the car they were traveling in crossed to the other side of the road and had a head on collision with a truck.

Johanna lost her life in the accident and Kurt was severely injured.

Was it that only Johanna who was destined to die? Perhaps fate only wanted Johanna; had the couple boarded the flight Kurt would have lost his life too. Death had a plan he intended to keep.

Coincidence or fate?


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  • Great first post. I'm going to play Devil's advocate here and say “There is no such thing as coincidence!”

  • charleshackerman

    car accidents are extremely common. this would a lot more eerie if the cause of death was a little more complex. i want to believe it, but. . .

  • azzwright

    Perhaps I am reading into it too much Charles. What are your thoughts about the death of DJ AM, who died recently only months after surviving a horrific Lear Jet crash which killed 4 people?

  • Charles Hackerman

    well there are two theories to his death; suicide by drug overdose, and accidental drug overdose. because his death was caused by his own dangerous behavior, i doubt that it was fate that killed him. if he had died in a freak accident or something that was not directly caused by his actions i would say you had something there.

  • chadtropolis

    Coincidence or they both would be dead.

  • sorry but this little story really does not prove anything

  • Telekoness

    Doesnt it sound like something that the movie(s) Finial Destination are based upon. I think this is more fiction than fact myself.