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Episode 207 – Mysterious Universe

Well after promising ourselves not to spend too much time on UFOs this week we end up talking about them for nearly an hour in what turned out to be nice, long episode.

Also in the mix is NASA’s recent lunar “spectacle”, lost Pygmy tribes in Australia, past life regressions (including Aaron’s past life death!), and some fantastic haunting tales to wrap us up.

Show notes, music, and video after the jump.

Viral Invasion Confirmed: Spanish UFOs came from Terra Spain

Dutch UFO Sighting Gets Media Attention – with Video

Woman Encounters UFO on Texas Highway, Being Seen

Ontario ‘morphing’ UFO photographed at close range

Iranian missile launch video captures UFO splitting cloud in two!

Aliens on display at China’s UFO expo

Oval UFO and small ‘creature’ reported by California man

Wisconsin Woman Claims ‘Translucent Beings’ Outside Her Window

Tutu-wearing alien spotted in Winchester

I Know What I Saw

UFO New Rules

Moon crash produces much data, little drama

Scientists refute online rumors on moon bombing

What’s the real purpose of NASA bombing the moon this friday ? – LCROSS Lunar Impact

Circus Billionaire Says Space Trip Worth Every Penny

Peru: government discovers evidence of “uncontacted” tribe

Our Lost Pygmy Tribe

The case of Gretchen

Yes, we do have a sixth sense

Haunted House for sale on eBay

Old Cuchillo Bar – Cuchillo, NM

Witch Conjures Demon to Dwell in Church

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Ouija Board Found

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  • Wow, you guys are churning them out! Keep it up! 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Ben!

  • The dutch UFO looks more like a Chinese lantern or something like that.

  • Iranian missile is a shadow cast by the missile on the cloud itself. The odd angle makes it appear that way.

  • Hi Guys….thanks for another quality presentation and the shout out. Lon

  • The morphing “ufo” has the dream works logo on it. I have a feeling it was a rubbish bag with various light weight rubbish in it, which ripped, and rubbish was coming out.

  • Dogma

    There is no need to apologize for too much UFO coverage. This is THE story of our time.

  • Julian

    It gave me a bit of a thrill i must say to hear Ben reading my story out on this weeks episode! Thanks boys for reading my email… you REALLY do read them all.

  • malkezidec

    Thanks for a 7th fantastic episode Ben and Aaron. Keep up the GREAT work!

  • Jake

    The cloud may have been split by a small meteor.

  • Joe

    Awesome episode guys!

    Anyone know what astronauts call looking down at earth from space? The exact name escaped Ben's memory on the show, as it is escaping mine at the moment too. This is driving me nuts I know what it is called and can't remember. It has a name and it is not “euphoria.”

    Also I love that you guys are following up on previous stories, NO ONE in this field EVER wants to do that for some reason. How hard is it to set up a reminder to follow up? What ever you guys are doing to remind yourselves to follow up on some of the stories it is working. I love it. (Example is the Derren Brown lottery, and the guy that is in everyones dreams.)

    Thanks a bunch. Great episode as always.

  • jlyn1980

    Everytime I listen to the show I'm so thankful for Ben and Aaron to be back. I missed this show so much when it went away. I love the stories and information.

    And I know should not mock anyone because I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. But the guy that saw the alien in the tutu with blonde hair. I had to laugh maybe the guy saw a drunk woman.

  • azzwright

    Ha ha ha ha, or some drunk guy in drag on a bucks night…

  • rawwool

    Another stellar episode! Great stuff! And yes, thanks for doing this!

    Btw, 2000 Kgs islittle more than 4000 Pounds not 3000 Pounds 😉

  • rawwool

    Good theory but not applicable here – the cloud splitting happens much higher than the missile height. The shadow couldn't be cast higher.

  • that called in story about the guys younger brother seeing the family and wishing to live with them is fantastic, thanks for calling in and sharing!

  • williamballard

    I've seen that diamond shape UFO phenomenon before. It has something to do with the way some camera irises function. It might be a U.F.O. but its shape isn't really a diamond.

  • Damion_UK

    I used to read and read on these topics but lost interest thinking that the UFO thing was really just overactive imagination. The more reading i seemed to do the more i thought so and i so wanted to believe. Thanks to your show I now have a renewed interest and i cant get enough

    Thanks guys

  • erinquinn

    erin from melbourne here just wanted to say discovered the show while it was in hiatus, glad to see you are doing a second series, heres to many more! thanks for representing us aussies! have had alot of “paranormal experiences” during my 28 years on this planet, and would love to share them once i get brave enough. anyways thanks for a great show filled with great stories and brilliant music.

    p.s. if anyone gets tha time hav a listen to my music at (hopefully that not too much of a shameless plug)

  • td

    The cloud isn’t being split, the smoke trail is casting a shadow on the cloud. No mystery there!

  • Derrick

    Looks to me like it is just the shadow of the rocket’s smoke being cast over the cloud. Watch how the gap expands at almost the same rate as the trailing smoke. Also, the light is being cast from the right of the screen, which puts it on the correct side for this to just be a shadow.

  • Derrick

    How can you tell how high the missile is compared to the clouds and how that relates to the angle of the sun at the time of the launch? It appears to me that it’s just a shadow. Sometimes the simplest answers are the correct ones. The video highlights a piece of debris flying off the rocket, but it doesn’t end up anywhere near the split(shadow) in the cloud or at the same angle.

  • djchrisr

    I've seen this before too, many many times. Definitely the iris of the camera. Image gets zoomed so far in and gets so out of focus you actually end up seeing the workings of the inside of the camera lens. Only certain makes have that kind of iris though which is why we don't see it on all UFO footage. Seen this thoroughly explained on a couple of shows.
    BTW, best podcast on planet earth by far, keep up the amazing work guys.

  • idlebones

    I think that grey streak supposedly cutting the cloud in the Iran video is possibly a lower down trail left by something being jettisoned from the rocket. I've looked at a few videos of their rocket test on youtube and there does seem to be a lot of debris coming of the rockets as they take off. Coolant ice, or small rocket jettisons possibly. In the video, just a frame or two before the image appears, you can clearly see a flurry of debris falling away from the rocket. The streak also appears to be perpendicular to the rocket body, as it would if it had been thrown clear from it. Just a theory to add to the debate.

  • simonfenton

    Hi folks.

    Just discovered Mysterious World on itunes and am now hooked!
    I've got to second one of the previous comments here and say how cool the story with the little boy seeing the family and choosing to live with them was. Totally gave me chills 9the good kind!).

    I have an experience of my own to share. My Nan and Grandad had a house that was always rumoured to have strange things happen. At some point or another, every child in the family (and its a fairly large family) has stopped and interacted with something that wasnt there, each saying that they were talking to or waving at 'the man'. Adults have also experience unsettling noises, movement of objects and all that kind of thing making me certain that “Fred” was a genuine presence in that house. I dont know how true it is, but have overheard stories of my Grandad, a most level headed and sensible person, shouting at Fred when he was keeping him awake!

    Anyway, I have waffled on for far too long. Keep up the good work guys, looking forward to the next one!


  • andyjackson

    Great show guys, you are really finding your stride. I think it works really well with you both reading stories and discussing them. Long live the almighty MU 🙂

  • luinbariel

    I was listening today to MU7 (new fan to the show, but I'm definitely hooked already) and when I heard “The case of Gretchen” I was totally stoked. I've been interested in past lives and memories of them for some time; I do remember a little of some of my own, but that's not what had be needing to comment.

    I recently read a book by Tom Shroder entitled “Old Souls”. I don't know if anyone else has already mentioned it, but it's a GREAT read. It's written by a journalist (Shroder) who follows Dr. Ian Stevenson, a professor who has been travelling the world and documenting cases of past life memory for 37 years. It has a lot of case studies and is very compelling without being cheesy.

    It's really entertaining without ruining the seriousness of the ideas, and the places across the world it takes you to are also quite interesting, including a few cases in America as well. I highly suggest this read to anyone interested by this segment of your show or to anyone with even a passing interest in past lives… pardon the poor pun.

  • During the show, you put a collage of UFO sighting statements together during which a guy named “Mike” said he saw an object similar to a B2 but much much larger… as he said “we could put our whole fleet of B2 bombers on the wing of this thing”. My stomach sank when I heard that because those were my own words to a MUFON investigator about 12 years ago. I drew pictures of what my neighbor, my son, and I saw. It was incredible… full daylight, low flying, and we observed it for a couple of minutes…. flying behind a B52. Think about that… it's impossible for a B2 to fly that slow.

  • Florian

    Concerning the “UFO” splitting the cloud on the iranian-missile movie. I think the “Split” ist simply the shadow of the ascending rocket's exhaust smoke plume falling onto the cloud. If you look closely at the video, you see that the sunlight ist comming from the right, so a shadow would fall on the cloud.

  • idlebones

    Yep, I'd agree with that.

  • idlebones

    Shows much better this time around with the two of you bouncing off each other, much more entertaining to have two points of view, well done lads.

  • sssssscience?

    The WC Gaps article isn't the actual investgation I think. A few clicks around and I came across this. Cheers!

  • Nice find. Thanks! This one has the EVPs. This was what I was looking for.

  • Mike Yates

    Iranian missile launch video.
    LOVE THE SHOW! That being said, sorry guys, looks to me like the shadow cast by the missile exhaust. Let’s look at what we can deduce from the video with a pretty high level of certainty. This was an early or late afternoon launch as you can see the left side of the missile exhaust is shaded indicating a very low azimuth for the suns location. The shadow crosses the cloud to the left at a great speed, but then again so does the missile. I think the optical illusion is supported by the assumption the cloud to the left is higher than the missile. I believe this to be false. The missile was in the air for at least 1 to 2 minutes with a velocity of more than 500 to 700 knots (on average for this type of missile). Assuming the lowest of my suggested values, this puts it at a minimum of 45,583 feet. (Mostly status clouds at that altitude, not the puffy cumulus clouds seen here.)
    Please don’t hate me, but I don’t buy this one.

    Love you guys.