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Can Bulgarians Decode Norway’s Aerial Crop Circle?

As Aaron often reminds us (owing to his daring buy-the-world-a-Pepsi bet), November 27 didn’t turn out to be the Day of Disclosure. Or so we’ve been led to believe.

But what about the blue sky spiral that redefined Norway’s Midnight Sun? True, it happened in December. Sure, they say its was caused by a Russian rocket gone awry, but take another look and tell me it’s not the aerial manifestation of a crop circle. And who just cracked the crop-circle code?

On or about November 27, it was widely reported that Prof. Lachezar Georgiev Filipov, Deputy Director of the Bulgarian Space Research Institute, was claiming that ETs are real and are answering questions via crop circles .

Careful googling in the ensuing days and now weeks found no follow-up stories. Really? Not one of those newspapers or online sites wanted to know what the alien crop circles were saying? Certainly MU listeners wanted to know if only to demand their Pepsi payment if the Bulgarian claim could pass muster as disclosure.

So, here’s the rest of the story : You’ll find the questions posed by the Bulgarian scientists to the ETs as well as the interpretation of their responses as decoded by The Bulgarian writer Mariana Vezneva:

…an architect, phenomenon and supersensory explorer, a correspondent-member of the International Academy of Informatization at UNO is the first and only one in the world who has managed to reveal the messages in the crop circles and to establish a connection with their creators..

Mariana also has a new book, and I’m betting (although no Pepsi will be offered if I’m wrong) that she also has a boyfriend at the Bulgarian Space Institute.

Thanks to an Above Top Secret forum member who wrote to Filipov, we see he has attempted to distance the Space Institute from the crop circle “research”:

Dear Sir Woods,

Thank you for your interest regarding the prematurely published article in Novinar Daily and Sofia Echo. Firstly, I would like to clarify that SPACE RESEARCH INSTITUTE of BAS is not directly involved in the “Dialogue 2009” experiment, in which myself and my colleagues are currently taking part in.
This year, I had the opportunity of putting together a team of experts representing various scientific fields and walks of life. We worked together on a project based on the original work on our own Mrs M.Vezneva, a former architect and correspondence member of IAI. Mrs. Vezneva has two published books containing dictionaries of universal symbols language via which she states that pictograms may be interpreted. In her books, she engages in a dialogue regarding global issues with the crop circles “creators”. It is based on the universal symbols language, I.e. Pcychometry and telepathy.

The aim of the “Dialogue 2009” experiment is to carry out a similar dialogue regarding the use of the crop circles but using different participants. We believe that the crop circles are real existing formations from unexplained nature, and that they carry information from alien to us sources. We have already 36 participant replies which we are currently analyzing. Currently, there are facts confirming our initial hypothesis, mentioned above, however we will publish our final thoughts after careful consideration by all team members.

Please let me know if you’d like any further information or if you’d like to take part in “Dialogue 2010” experiment.

Thank you!

With kind regards,
Prof. Filipov

David Icke’s forum calls the whole thing Reptilian disinformation (but they also found have more stuff on crop circle “decoder” Mariana Vezneva that’s interesting background). For the rest of us, I doubt we’ll remember the Bulgarians as the revealers of First Contact, and maybe all Norway has to worry about are errant ICBM’s from Russia (which actually seems like a lot to worry about). But most important here at  MU is the bottom line, and  Aaron’s checkbook remains safe…at least for now.

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  • paulbarton

    got to say – i didn't fully buy into the missile theory. it just looks too perfect, the other 'spirals' are really erratic.

  • eugalaz

    I think that given these aliens are comenting about global warming puts into serious doubt the credebility of the claims. We will all see how bogus this whole issue is reaaly soon and there will be a lot of egg on alot of peoples faces. The whole climate gate story will reveal that it has been a ploy at wealth distribution and a massive hoax. I site the hacked emails and the recent report from Russia as the beginning of the end for climate change, and good riddence too. If any of you out there are climate change believers I say show yourselves now so we all know who to riddicule later. Go on I dare you. Anyone who still believes is not paying attention to all the high level climate scientists who are now starting to reverse direction. They are being intellectually dishonest.

  • yondelara

    But I wanted a Coke!

  • Chris

    Perhaps you could offer a link for these “Professional Climate Scientists” who are now saying global warming is a fraud. Its easy to just say it, its much harder to prove it. But seriously, if there are experts i want to here from them, not take your word, please give a link, or perhaps some names, so i can check on the credibility of them and see what they have to say and why.

  • eugalaz

    Dear Chris,

    I visit this site because I have always liked the stories that Ben puts forth on a regular basis. I certainly do not feel the need to educate anybody on issues that I hold dear or research for myself. I will every now and then put forth my opinion on something though. I believe if one is to 'believe' something then he/she is obligated to research all viewpoints before arriving at a conclusion.

    I can't believe that anybody who believes in manmade global warming has not by now heard about the sincere objections put forth by reputable climatologists. I find this notion intellectually insincere. By typing 'global warming sceptics' into any search engine you will find numerous blogs and lists of these scientists and their conclusions. I have provided a link for you to start with:

    Do some research on this and you will find that it is by no means a foregone conclusion.

    My opinion is that this issue is a leftist (read Liberal for Australia or Democrat for USA) ploy at wealth distribution on a global scale. I don't blame governments for jumping on this idea, you may remember that 5-9 years ago most governments opposed this claim. For the first time in history governments have the people actually demanding them to tax the populace more to save the world. I mean come on, if I was in government I would be rubbing my hands together with glee. This is a dream come true for revenue raising. Some who read this will actually believe that this is a cynical opinion. It is those very people who I worry about the most and watch very carefully, they are driven by an entirely different agenda than the average conservative.

  • eugalaz

    I meant to say in my last post that leftist should read 'Labour party for Australia' NOT Liberal party, sorry for the typo.