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Dramatic Chinese UFO Reports Making Headlines

Typically, having a run-in with a UFO is a chance encounter, having more to do with being at the right place at the right time rather than knowing where to look.

However, occasionally reports of alleged UFOs appearing consistently in a region, and even hovering in plain site, do occur. No greater instance of this in recent times exists than the sudden dramatic appearances of strange airborne objects over China in the last few weeks.

Researcher Michael Cohen recently detailed one such UFO “mega event” at his popular All News Web UFO site:

“A UFO event involving hundreds of witnesses took place In the city of Huaian in China on 27 February at 8pm. The event is currently being discussed vigorously by China’s hundreds of thousands of UFO enthusiasts, eagerly searching for that conclusive event or sighting that will prove for once and for all that we here on Earth are indeed being visited by aliens.”

Although area meteorologists offered the explanation that the “object” was actually a spotlight being reflected off a cloud bank, witnesses described the UFO as a “classically shaped flying saucer,” witnessed by hundreds.

Now, evoking images of a similar object some claim appeared over the Kremlin in Russia only weeks ago, a video filmed in China and subsequently uploaded to YouTube purports to show what Cohen calls “the clearest UFO ever filmed in China.” Below is the video in question… is this a computer manipulation, a “kite” as some have suggested, or something truly out of this world?


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  • Ah Michael Cohen, bless him and his trumped up headlines 😉

    To my eyes this is clearly some sort of Kite.

    I found a similar one on Flickr while I was searching for the image on this post:

  • Ross

    I don't see how you could get two kites to orbit each other that well. The distance and speed seem to constant.

    I would say it has to be cgi.

  • adrock48

    I agree it looks like a kite. Dont quote me on it, but it seems that when the Chinese are celebrating something two things are synonymous with it, things flying in the sky like kites and lanterns, and firecrackers… hrmm i wonder if that is happening here?

  • jakai1975

    I agree with Ross it is really orbiting the object like a satellite. Winds would make it very unstable looking and not so linear like that

  • Brutustobias

    I want to believe but the reality is that this really looks to me like CGI. I do CGI, so I know what the motion of the objects looks like and this just screeeeeems CGI to me. It would be nice if it was real but I often wonder this; if we had vid/photos of objects this real and undeniably authentic… well… then what. I mean, part of me says “so what?”. For most of us who have kind of studied the UFO phenomena I wonder just what it means to have undeniable proof. The thing that lies behind the whole event is the desire (or fear of) contact. Till we have some kind of open contact they largely remain (for me) pretty pictures. Maybe I just want too much. LOL

  • jbonno

    Why isn't the filmer making any noise? surely if they were truly filming that, theyd be exclaiming something..I reckon its CGI

  • Gary

    Kite. Seems to pivot about the bottom-most point indicating , to me, it's tethered

  • nuvee

    That's one big honkin kite. (Or a trick of perspective.) The satellite thingus seems to be moving quickly for a kite, though. Should be easy enough to review it for CGI or alteration.

  • Well it LOOKS like a kite!
    Now I am not a kite expert. My experience of kites are by the seaside where they are VERY dynamic, and are constatly moving about. Do kites in smoggy cities–that big–just kind of hang in the air like that? What is the little 'kite' seeming to orbit it?

    And most maddeningly. What happens before and after? Ie., whoever took the video–did the object just appear? Did the object just DISAPPEAR? Until we kind all this out what we supposed to do? 😉

  • Thomas

    It has not got any other type of movement other that the slow rotation. It doesn't leap through the skies or phase in or out of this dimension. This film demonstrates that there is an object in the sky that is not normally there, but the object doesn't demonstrate anything a kite/ballon cannot do.
    So it could be explained quite easily as a kite/ballon

  • emily17

    i love believing in life from other parts of the universe. to think that we are alone is ignorant and unexciting! Life is abundant! and not just on Earth!! 😀 what a cool spaceship! never seen one with an orbiting satellite before!

  • Tikki

    Ok…I really want to believe it- as it would scare the pants off of me…but I'm inclined to agree that it's either CGI or a kite.
    Several things I would like to point out two things that would suggest it may otherwise be a fake.
    1. If this is over a well populated city in China there would be a flood of additional footage (perhaps there is…I'm to lazy to google!)
    2. As a commenter pointed out, the videographer is make no noise….if I stumbled onto a UFO, and took a video of it, you would be hearing me left, right, and centre! You wouldn't be able to shut me up!

    I wish this was real…do you know how terrified I would be?! I wouldn't sleep tonight- who would need those nightmare tapes that Aaron got!?

  • of course you can strectch your imagination to believe that the UFO and participants are making out LIKE a kite! 😉
    Ie., when you read up on the literature about all this, espcially with Jaques Vallee you find 'they' can mimic anything really.
    But then again it might be a freakin kite lol
    but a weird one
    But I am not hip to the state of the art of kites….so

  • why are are all UFO videos so short? if that thing was real why wouldn't the camera guy being saying wow? whatever wow is in chinese. and now with personal computers being so poweful and movie quality 3d software readily available there would need to be several videos from several angles from several people.. any why arent there? I'm so mad!! I want there to be substantial proof so bad! ahhhh!! why? why are they hoaxes? finally in a time when so many people have video cameras on them why does video turn out to be a hoax? I just want there to be proof! the only shocking video to come out was the green spiral over norway.. but the explanation to me was plausible!! obviously this thing in this video isnt a kite. but could it be CG? oh yeah. easily. that bums me out. if this video were taken in the 80s.. i could with good faith tell you it was real. but not today. im sad.

  • Be cool 😉
    There actually DO exist good video footage of UFOs! As well as sound testimony, etc. Have you seen the great film 'I Know What I Saw?

  • Randy

    Your Chinese UFO is a real joke! Really

  • canuseeit

    I’m not writing about this UFO video we see here.  What I am writing about is a spectacular UFO event that my son just witnessed in China.  He is there on business.  He just Skyped me and detailed the UFO.  It had five blinking lights and when viewed from earth, looked like a ladder with a red beacon on top.  It disappeared over the Tianshian (sp?) Mountains.  This was either yesterday or today.  This is no joke.  This thing is for real.  So, you are getting info before this hits the news media.  He said it was absolutely incredible being able to see this thing.  

  • LadderUFO

    My grandmother had a story (I’m 59) about when she was a little girl. This was way before UFOs were UFOs. She said she looked in the sky and saw something that looked like a ladder and it traveled from one side of the sky to the other before she finally lost view of it. Canuseeit, I googled “UFO that looks like a ladder” and I read your post, the first mention I have read of a ladder-shaped UFO.