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Disclosure on the Horizon: World Powers vs Priorities

Around this time each year, as if according to some serendipitous schedule, whispers of governmental disclosure begin making the rounds.

Maybe it’s just the excitement that comes with Spring (which, from my dark bunker several miles below the Earth’s surface here in the US where I write these posts, feels more like Summer). Or maybe it’s just that, following US Congressional primary elections, folks start looking for something else to talk about.

Whatever it is that causes this strange phenomenon, it has returned on cue this year to spread further speculation as to whether the world powers plan on admitting what they know about aliens visiting Earth; or if nothing else, the truth about all the information they’ve lacked for decades, outside that supplied by the UFO community.One example was emailed to me only hours ago, proclaiming that US President Barack Obama will soon be dishing the inside scoop on UFOs once and for all. The email described how Obama and his administration are planning “a bold step forward in helping our planet become an interplanetary culture” that is more open and accepting of alien life. Nonetheless, every time people start asking me if I think Obama will be “the one” to reveal clandestine knowledge of UFO activity in and around Earth, I rather grimly offer that, for the time being, having food on the table is the top priority, hence I’m glad he and other world leaders seem more preoccupied with global economic problems. Come on, UFO researchers and unusual aerial phenomenologists will be of no use to anybody without their daily bread… can’t solve the Earth’s mysteries on an empty stomach!

Whether or not Obama is making any effort to address the issue of interplanetary visitations to Earth (which, based on the sentiments above, some would argue he shouldn’t), in Russia one man’s alleged alien abduction may be posing a national security threat. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, a leader in a southern portion of Russia called Kalmykia, made a public claim on an area television program that he had had an encounter with a UFO which resulted in his subsequent abduction. In response to the strange claim, an MP has asked Russian President Dimitri Medvedev to investigate, over concerns that Ilyumzhinov might have given away state secrets to aliens which may pose security threats to the Russian people. In his defence, Mr. Ilyumzhinov, a former businessman, is described as being a bit “eccentric.”

The countdown clock to ultimate UFO disclosure probably isn’t getting any closer to midnight… at least on behalf of actions our governing bodies may be planning to take. Therefore, perhaps direct intervention from aliens may be the alternative, fulfilling prophetic visions of flying saucers landing on the Whitehouse Lawn and shaking hands with world leaders and Washingtonians. Should such an event ever transpire, let’s just hope the aliens prove to be friendly!

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  • allanXphile

    I don't think that disclosure is coming anytime soon if at all. One has to remember that there are national security issues involved and it often seems that the US government isn't into releasing certain info unless they have to. If they don't see the *need* to do it, they won't. I also wonder as others have if the US President knows any classified info on UFOs/crashed saucers, etc. It may be that this type of knowledge is left to the CIA and/or other organizations. As Rich Dolan pointed out once – presidents come and go, agencies and other organizations last.

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  • barth

    The people constantly excited about, and clamoring for disclosure really crack me up. First, you all assume that anyone knows anything about the phenomena to disclose. That's a huge assumption to begin with.

    Second, you know for a fact that if anyone discloses anything, you will all just start saying they know more and haven't told us everything!

    Third and most importantly, what the hell are you people going to do with your free time if everything actually has been disclosed, and you actually believe them?

  • dsilverthorn

    Just this week. Former Legislator Makes Statement on Un-Released Eisenhower Brief. A video statement and transcript of what this legislator saw when he was in office. Disclosure is coming, if the governments won't do it, the former government officials, like this man, will.

  • BOB B

    There will not be any disclosure. President Obama is not the disclosure president and you will realize this when neither he nor his administration never even alludes to this subject. Further, this information will never be realeased. There will never be anything like an official disclosure.
    Non-disclosure is a force of nature,no government will ever claim the existance of ET.
    Perhaps in a hundred years from now when all the present power brokers are gone we may get a tidbit or two, But don't hold your breath.

  • allanXphile

    Rich Dolan has been talking about disclosure alot lately and is co-authoring a book coming out hopefully this Sept. about the subject, speculating what may transpire in the aftermath of disclosure. He speculates that disclosure may come after a big, extraordinary event that happens in front of multitudes of people, maybe on live tv, etc that forces people to recognize something e.t. related is going on.