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The Curious Case of the SLIders

You’re strolling home from a late dinner with friends, and as you cross the street and begin walking along the sidewalk that carries you the next few blocks to your home, a familiar chain of events begins to occur.

In anticipation of the sudden apprehension that emerges as you pass beneath street lights which, inexplicably, black out as you walk beneath them, you feel a slight chill. You’re also concerned about there being less light to guide your path along an otherwise dark street, but there seems to be no way to prevent the curious and inexplicable way in which you cause street lights directly above you to malfunction.

SLI, or Street Light Interference, is one of the most often overlooked–albeit one of the strangest–purported phenomenon in the modern era. Recently, I received a copy of Hillary Evans’ new book SLIders: The Enigma of Streetlight Interference, new from Anomalist Books. One considered an urban legend, nowadays more and more people have begun to acknowledge that, indeed, some individuals appear to have a propensity for knocking out streetlights, and even influencing other electronic devices with some (perhaps unknown) biological function.

A self-proclaimed bibliophile, Evans has spent decades studying strange phenomenon around the world, and has held positions as wide and varied as a policeman in Palestine to a twice Council Member of the Society for Psychical Research. “Though trivial at first glance,” the author notes, “closer study shows SLI to be a complex process, rich in paradoxes and contradictions. If true, however, the claims carry profound and exciting implications for science and for our knowledge of human potential.” Is there truly some strange power to influence electrical devices that some humans wield? If so, what may be the reception given it by the mainstream scientific community, or will it instead be shunned, only to continue finding best recognition from the camps of folklore and urban legends?

Evans’ book seeks to demystify this lesser-known of Fortean subjects, and his book delves into the best treatment the subject had been afforded yet. For more information about SLIders, follow the link below:

SLIDERS: The Enigma of Streetlight Interference

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  • DavidRavenMoon

    I've had SLI happen to me since the early 70's. I had never heard of it happening to anyone else until I read about it in the 80's in INFO magazine, (the official Fortean Organization's publication). I was constantly driving around pointing it out to my passengers… “look, the street light went out”. It also happened to a friend of mine, and she would blow out light bulbs when she touched a lamp.

    I don't get it so much anymore, but that might be because I don't drive (or walk) at night as much.

  • PoiPadawanYellow

    I've had SLI happen to me more times than I care to acknowledge. Back before I owned a car I walked everywhere, to and from school, to friends' houses and all around my college campus. And it always happened in the manner described above. I would be walking along and as I approached a light I would become suddenly compelled to look up at the light as I passed under it, and the second I did, the light would shut off.
    I spoke to my mom once in my teens about it and she said, “Oh that happens to me as well, kind of creepy isn't it?” I rationalized it in my head that they were on timers… but now that I know it doesn't happen to everyone I am beginning to think that my mom passed something down to me. Intriguing to say the least!

  • Beans McGee

    I actually have been meaning to email in about this. I grew up in the country and streetlights were never something I'd regularly encounter until I moved to the city for school. I recently begun walking home from campus late at night and more often than not several streetlights go out as I pass under them. I'm inclined to think it is interference from my cell phone but it's still creepy as hell.

  • MoTown Missile

    Happens all the time. even when driving. It has always been this way. I actually go threw cell phones including Iphones and no one knows why. My lights at my shop burn out glow bright etc. I have huge cooling fans, last week I cannot explain it but one came on and ran for 15 mins. I thought why did it just turn off and it had been on, I figured maybe it had a tempature switch that cycled it when it got to hot etc…. here is the strange part…. it was not plugged in..

  • R4z13l_

    First time of hearing of SLI. It made me think about the street light all ways turn off when im geting to, under or just passed them. . I moved not to long ago. to a town where they run all the street lights off the local dam. Now the lights never shut off when i walk by them. So giving it a quick think over all i can think of is power saving DOh.

  • lizaNYC

    This has been happening to me my entire life. I think it may be our guides sending message they're around us, due to the auspicious timing of when these lights go off. Once I became lost while driving in Massachusetts, and the street light went off directly over my car at the exact intersection where I was supposed to turn.

    Lights will also go “on” over my head, as well. Sometimes I think they go off in preparation for my arrival and switch “on” again directly over my head.

    Thanks for posting this. I look forward to reading the book.

  • Bry1way

    Being an electrician and somewhat familiar with these lights you will find that they have overheat sensors in them. They will all blink out from time to time with no one around. If your inclined to such a thing they also create a magnetic field and vibrate at certain frequencies. So maybe you cause a magnetic interference or bad vibration as you pass. Or you can tell your kids you have a clumbsy angle like I do.

  • EVIL9000

    hmm, strange, It only happened to me about three times. and all those 3 times happened at the way home from work. I just walk down the street, and the next streetlight switches off, its not a streetlight that is broken, it didnt flicker when I was walking up to it. It went out about 3 feet before I pass under it, and it turns on about 3 feet after I passed under it. I tried repeating it the second time, but it didnt work. It happened 3 times troughout the winter months when its dark when I get out from work.
    the third time when I was walking up to a streetlight I thought about the previous time, and when the thought about the event drifted into my head it turned off. IK stood there for about 10 minutes trying to see if it was a glitch, it stayed off untill I started walking again and it flicked back on.

    super strange!

  • susie

    I find it strange that everytime I walk home late at night either with my fiance or by myself from the metro orange line one specific street light always turns off when I pass not to far from it, I noticed it the first time it had happened but didn’t think much of it. One night as I’m on the bus I thought to myself i kinda don’t want to walk by that one specific light because it I
    Was very strange and creepy to me specially when I’m by myself, so as I get off the bus I walk two blocks down towards my house and instead of taking the short cut where that street light is I decide to cross the street and continue walking, as I pass by I see that one light go off so I stoped & tripped out, next thing u know 3 seconds after a different street light that was above me turned off. I was just creeped out walking home.

  • UncleSas

    I know this is an old post but i have to chime in here. I’ve been working in the IT (computer) field for over 10 years and can attest there are folks out there who have a profound impact on electronics. I’m a first-hand witness and there is simply no other explanation than that user having some sort of influence. Once is a fluke, twice a coincidence, but after the third brand-new computer went belly-up we had to shield the electronics from this person. Yes, we had the wiring checked.

  • Danjal Jannik Nyberg

    Okaaaaay, I often experience street lamps black out when I walk past them, more often than can be accidents. I even told an ex-bf (when we were still together) about this occurence, one night we were out walking, and BAM, a few seconds later we passed a street lamp that went black. What does it mean? Is it just something natural, or am I a demon? D: (The demon part is a joke, in case you wondered.)

  • Kelly Hutson

    I’ve only noticed the street light thing a couple of times with me, but my biggest problem has been burning out lightbulbs. I have always been afraid of the dark since I was a kid, and for many years whenever I was in a dark hallway or alone trying to turn a light on, the bulb would burn out. I did some research a couple of years ago to see if anyone else had this problem, because it really started to scare me. At times I even wondered if my house was haunted or something. All of my searching led me to articles and websites about SLI. From what I understand, you release this energy in times of stress. So for me, whenever I was scared (being in a dark room), that’s when I was releasing my most energy. One website I found said that I needed to figure out a way to mentally ground the energy, or to calm myself a little during these times. So now, whenever I turn on lights in dark rooms, and can feel myself tensing up, I release a slow breath of air and flick on the light switch at the same time. Since learning this trick, I have gone from burning out 1 light every other day, to 1 light every 6 months or longer. Some say that you can’t control it, but I have definitely figured out a way to. On a side note, my dad can’t wear watches, cause they stop working as soon as he puts them on. I don’t know if this is the same kind of energy we are dealing with here, but maybe it is something genetic. who knows. thanks for listening :)

  • jmgamesonline

    This has happened to me three times in the last week. 1st time I just assumed the bulb had popped, the 2nd time I assumed it was coincidence but the 3rd time it started to seem a little odd. I have had many paranormal experiences and have recently published an article on the science of consciousness, telepathy and the human mind.