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Episode 413 – Mysterious Universe

300 dead goats are found in Mexico with surgically incisions, is a Chupacabra to blame? We investigate how the term “Chupacabra” is now applied it seems to any animal with mange, and how this contrasts with the original sightings from Puerto Rico in 1995.

We also feature tales of missing time, along with objects and people disappearing and reappearing in the wrong time period, and UFO/Entity encounters from China.

Show notes, music and more after the jump.

Hairdryer foils Rocketeers

Chinese UFO Sighting

McKenzie River Figure (figure appears around 1:40)


Chupacabras Kill Goats

The Original Chupacabra

Dead Man’s Creek


Schizophrenia and DMT

Chinese Encounters

Mini-UFO Encounter

Dumb Student

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London Haunted Underground


Past Lives

NY Times Past Lives

Man blows himself up killing spider


The Temper Trap – Soldier On (Big City Love Affair Remix) via All Things Go


“Chequamegon” (mp3)
from “Hyphae”
(Boltfish Recordings)

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SHED – 44A (Hard Wax Forever!) [BUY]

Bassnectar – Magical World (ft. Nelly Furtado) via Strangers in Stereo

Final Track – Regular Show

Porter Robinson – Say My Name – Original Mix via The Music Ninja

SHED : Atmo – Action [BUY]

Final Track

Funkadelic – Can You Get to That via Winnie Cooper


  • Great show, really amazing ufo stories

  • John

    Not seeing the video of the “hairy humanoid” in Oregon. Is it linked?

  • Show notes have been updated. Thanks for the heads up. Forgot to link it.

  • Show notes have been updated. Thanks for the heads up. Forgot to link it.

  • izblah

    I am totally hooking my nipples up to my car battery at the moment! [you guys are such a bad influence]. 😉

    But seriously…

    Great show guys! [as usual] And killer music! [as usual as well]

  • Mark Godecke

    I enjoyed you guys mentioning the David Lang disappearance. I read about it in some paranormal book when I was a kid, and it freaked me out so much that I looked it up again a few years ago. I discovered it was probably a hoax. The account was almost identical to the short story by Ambrose Bierce titled “The Difficulties of Crossing a Field” and no record of a family named “Lang” was ever found living near the Tennessee town where the disappearance supposedly occurred. I liked your take on it, that these stories were perhaps based on earlier folklore. There are certainly plenty of unexplained disappearances. Ironically, Ambrose Bierce himself mysteriously disappeared in Mexico in 1913.

  • Yeah I tried to allude to the fact that the stories were most likely hoaxes 😉

  • Steffibean

    I missed it the first couple times too. At about the 1:40 mark look on the left side of the riverbank. Gave me chills.

  • I disagree with you guys on the dumb student story, the teacher failed his/her duty of care. I know the student was a idiot and should know that nipples and electrical clamps don’t mix, but they still may have a case against the teacher. So don’t be surprised if you read or hear that the teacher was sued or sacked or what-ever.

    About the Chinese UFO, I found it bit odd on the editing of the film, the frames jump when the object appears to change to another shape. Makes me wonder if it was a post production job or just the TV station editing it down.

  • Noshot

    I have tried the ‘UFO’ video many times and cant see what you say you see. I DO see some people on the bank that were lying down, get up and walk away, including a big person in what looked like a gilley suit. Could be a big-foot type of thing, but I just don’t see the UFO. Good show, as usual very entertaining.

  • Why on earth are you looking for a UFO in that video?

  • Thanks for the link! 🙂

  • Toddsouthern

    Question. I was stationed in CeIba, Puerto Rico in 1990. Imention this only because your origin of the chupacabra in 1995 simply does not make sense.

    The image on the link was on t-shirt, figurines, and various memorbilia most likely prior to my arrival in January 1990. I purchased all sorts of chupacabra gear for friends and family with the likeness of the chupacabra similar to the link.

    Is it possible this date of 1995 is incorrect?

  • sdf