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Lens Flare: Year of the Trail Camera UFOs

Among Ufologists, especially those in Texas, perhaps 2008 was best known for the widely reported UFO sightings emanating from around Stephenville, Texas, beginning in January of that year. Similarly, 2010 may be remembered as the year of the Trail Camera UFOs; although many of the objects in question can be explained, the verdict is still out on some of the curious occurrences we’ve been made privy to this year.

A widely reported incident occurring near Fort Worth earlier this year detailed the appearance of an alleged “UFO” seen hovering in the distance behind a food plot intended to attract deer, where a trail camera had been fixed to a tree to photograph the animals. In this instance, a more mundane explanation was found for the occurrence of unexplained lights in the trail camera’s view, as explained by a Texas-area MUFON investigator named Fletcher Gray:

“For some unknown reason, the camera shutter was remaining open, and (as) the infrared strobe fired it would catch a bank of lights. The strobe has 14 LED-type bulbs across and with five bulbs vertical, with a total of 70 LED bulbs. If you look at the photo of what was called a “UFO,” you will count 14 lights that matches the 14 bulbs in the camera.”

Incidentally, around this time, I was contacted by a man from Klamath Falls, Oregon, who claimed to have captured a similar-looking “object” using a trail camera near his home. Writing at my blog, I felt that a mundane explanation existed in this circumstance as well, explaining to my contact that what he had managed to photograph appeared to be what, in Fortean circles, has been collectively called a “rod” or “sky fish.” These odd photo-remnants, once believed to represent an airborne life form of mysterious origin, were eventually discovered to only be moths and insects which, captured in mid-flight using a long photographic exposure, which gave the appearance of an odd spiraling body as the wing beats of the creature were recorded on film.

Perhaps, however, the third time is the charm, as the old adage goes. The most recent incident involving something strange and extraordinary appearing on a trail camera is brought to us from Boonsboro, Maryland. Writing for All News Web, author Ken Pfeifer details a strange incident recorded on a trail camera which, much like the previous instances, has some folks wondering if aliens have now shifted their attention from cattle mutilations to that of raccoons and deer, as these photos appear to indicate. Is E.T. attempting to beam-up a different bovine, or will another mundane explanation explain this odd-looking halo of light as well? What are your thoughts?

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  • Spookchild

    I am sure most of the anomalous game camera images have some sort of mundane explanation. But there are those handful of intriguing cases that defy being explained away, and it is these images that make the hair stand up on the back of my neck. The reason they seem even creepier to me than other “paranormal” images is that they are being captured by the random click of a shutter; they are going on right under our noses and the only reason we are ever made aware of them is because a camera happens to be right there. A camera in a random, remote place, clicking away in the dark when it senses movement. It makes me wonder what else is going on in our vicinity that we will never be aware of, because there was no camera there to capture it.

  • Blacklabel1313

    Hmmm.. I don’t buy this one. I think it’s a little ridiculous to say that this is anything remotely related to UFO’s. How the hell would you EVER know if “Jim-Bob” isn’t just sitting in his tree stand shining a light on the animals? I’ve been around and in the vicinity of deer 3 nights a week for the past 2 years and know that if you’re quiet and keep your distance, they aren’t going to react much to your presence, let alone a flashlight being shone on them from above.

  • Faustoblued

    I’m getting a bit tired of the disclaimer preceding unusual phenomena encounters that the witness wasn’t drunk or drugged or delusional. As if the drunk or drugged or delusional are somehow excluded from the weird or paranormal.

    Maybe aliens and ghosts and bizarre creatures don’t discriminate? Or, maybe they are, in fact, especially attracted to the drunk, drugged and delusional? When I think about it, it occurs to me that I’d prefer to deal with humans in some sort of medicated state, preferably heavily so, if I were an alien or whatever.

    It doesn’t wash to claim that inebriated witnesses are somehow less credible, the disbelievers doubt everyone and the believers don’t need persuasion, anyway.

    So, if witnesses aren’t a bit twisted, they don’t cut any more mustard in my book than otherwise, and I suspect their accounts aren’t much different, if slightly less colorful than the ones demised out of hand.


  • Spookchild

    Your point is well taken, however one would have to wonder what was Jim-Bob doing up in the tree stand in the middle of the night shining a light on the animals in the first place. The explanation makes less sense than simply saying it cannot be explained.

  • Blacklabel1313

    My explanation makes less sense than a UFO abducting deer? Not sure about the logic with that statement. Nevertheless, I DO find it odd that even if I was 100% correct with my guess, then why are the animals shown in light when/if the “flashlight” isn’t directly on them..? That’s a little odd now that I look back at the photos. I try not to put any blind faith in my speculations, and with what we see in the photos, there’s really not much to base anything on considering it’s just a picture of animals and a light “anomaly”. Wait a tic, my brain is trying to come up with another explanation.. what if there was another trail cam opposite and higher up than the one that snapped theses pictures and it was just flashing and – wait but the beam moves.. ARG!! Okay it’s ET! fine! And by the way, just so we’re clear I am a FIRM BELIEVER in aliens and UFO’s. I hate people who try to denounce good photographic evidence, but this is really lame evidence if you ask me.. damn you Jim-Bob.

  • Spookchild

    I never said it was ET. I simply said the strange light did not have an explanation.

  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t we see some shadows caused by this alleged light?

  • Anonymous

    Those images are edited.

    Take a close look at the second deer camera image. Notice the tree trunks that fall in line with the edge of the light? This occurs when you use a technique called dodging. The entire section is brighter, not just the areas the light is being cast upon.

    The first tree trunk should have a curve to it. The straight edge tells me it is either bad film, or artificial.