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Disclosure for Dummies: What Would Knowledge of Aliens Entail?

It’s so common a theme in ufology today, it’s almost redundant: when will ultimate disclosure finally take place? According to most in the UFO community, even the hand of God might have difficulty overturning this mystery, let alone political activists marching through Washington D.C. stamping their feet and demanding angrily that the presence of extraterrestrials be revealed to the public.

But looking deeper, perhaps the real question that should be asked here is not how we can bring about this long-sought “disclosure,” but instead how humankind would react to it if it were to ever transpire in the first place. Besides, prior to disclosure occurring on any significant level, perhaps it would entail other factors that are more seldom considered: for instance, who’s to say that the world’s governments know anything more about UFOs than civilians? Furthermore, what if aliens were intent on keeping themselves “below the radar” so to speak?

“I don’t think the aliens, whoever they are, really want us to know ‘who’ they are,” UFO researcher Tim Beckley said during a recent appearance on the radio program Overnight AM with Lan Lamphere. Beckley notes that knowledge of extraterrestrial presence here on Earth could be so radical upon first realization that it might potentially “change the monetary system,” as well as the way people view conventional fuel sources presently in use. Indeed, the idea that otherworldly (and advanced) technology might revolutionize civilization in ways we fail to perceive is tantalizing as well as it is likely; but as Beckley notes, it is perhaps dependent to some degree on how much we are allowed to know about the phenomenon on question–whether that be thanks to the a secretive “shadow government,” or at the hands of occupants of UFO craft themselves. Meanwhile, in a recent article, researcher Anthony Bragalia posed a different point of view pertaining to the ultimate public realization of a UFO presence:

What if we were suddenly forced into a new “Copernican Revolution?” Many would indeed “revolt” if they were to become aware of Others in the Universe who are far beyond in time and technology… We would have to come to terms with the fact that we are not uniquely intelligent. It is a “model” which could not be handled by many.

Perhaps Bragalia has also outlined one of the reasons that, even today, so many people still remain hostile to the mere notion that alien life could exist at all. Indeed, people could have trouble coming to terms with the fact that humans aren’t “uniquely intelligent” if they ever became aware of the existence of aliens; but even in the present, since that realization doesn’t have to be forced upon them, it is also likely that people simply display a natural tendency to refute possibilities such as alien life, period.

Maybe in the grand scheme of things, seeing really is believing; but if humans did finally get the disclosure so many in the UFO field fervently pursue, would it be everything they’d hoped for? Or, would it merely expose our species to terrifying possibilities that we haven’t fully prepared for yet?

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  • A Loren

    I agree, as the article states, that disclosure could lead to an upheavel in many ways, economic, social, political, historical. Most significantly though, the countless organized religions of the world would be thrown into dis-saray. Afterall, I can think of at least one religion that states, “God created us in his image.” Who’s image would that be if there were more than one sentient life-form in the Universe? What other doctrines of organized religion would the existance of Alien life-forms challenge.

    While many a Government has myriad reasons and ways to suppress information, I often wonder who has even greater wherewithall to see that full disclosure succeeds.

  • Jack

    I didn’t really talk about this on my phone message, but the “be brief” rattled me a little. My thought is that disclosure may be a long time coming. I disagree that the UFO style shows are beneficial for people. I think its the exact opposite. Whenever I show someone something that is interesting and deserves to be looked at, I get the same reaction. “I saw that same thing on X-Files… ” These shows as much as I like them tend to have a cooling factor on people… they get acclimatized by the stories and feel they are just another in a long line of hoaxes or movies someone wishes they wrote. It’s frustrating!
    Keep checking the skies,
    Your Canadian Pal, Jack (from the Sonic Society) 🙂

  • AKFox

    God is spirit. To be made in the image and likeness of God is to have a spiritual nature, which differentiates intelligent life from plants and animals. Should it come to pass that aliens exist then it would be assumed that they also have a spiritual nature, as all things are created by God and all intelligent life is made His image and likeness. The Church (singular) has already spoken on this, and it isn’t a secret. In short, religion has nothing to fear from such a revelation.

  • a loren

    I agree with you in terms of Spirit and non-material existance…that is, if we can agree a Spirit exists and is exclusive to what we consider sentient beings. Having said that, I certainly don’t have the definition or knowledge to prove such, hence our discussion/debate.
    On your comment regarding the Church and its acknowledgement of such, I too agree it SHOULD be viewed as a revelation as opposed to a defeat. Afterall, an infinite God can do infinite things…another doctrine of many religions as well.

  • a loren

    I agree that there are very few legitimate shows on the UFO subject. They border on legit once in a while, but don’t quite hit the mark. Sensationalism usual negates the seriousness of the matter.

  • AwakeInTheNow

    GOD is spirit. To be made in the image of god is to to be made. To be corporeal. Or not, Such as the stuff of dreams. The point in my reply being that ALL LIFE is made manifest in it’s (THAT WHICH IS BECOMING THAT WHICH IS) image. If there is so much as a form of algae or a strain of bacteria growing anywhere else in this universe we find ourselves in then it follows that to is a manifestation of GOD. Make no differentiation between any kingdom of life and our own as they are the same. Plants and trees spend there time meditating on the truth of sunlight and the out gassing of the creature kingdom to manifest our collective breath and everything else vital to life as we know it. Bacteria grow to serve as balance in life and in death. Only that we have yet another form of awareness in the myriad of ways to be.

    As for E.T.’s and the disclosure of such, the hype all leads back to (and beyond) Reagan’s statement in a UN address… “Perhaps we need some outside universal threat. I occasionally think how quickly our differences would vanish if we we’re facing an alien threat from outside this world…” Our media is taken with the idea of UFO’s coming to destroy the people of this planet. As we all (hopefully) know by now the media being the 4th branch of government is pushing out this hype in order to fuel an ultimate desire to unite under A New World Order. Not unreasonable to me that the church (or holysee) would hop on the bandwagon being that they are originators in the plot.

  • Red Pill Junkie

    Ah… disclosure. Who knows? maybe acknowledging the existence of “the others” would require such a monumental shift in human consciousness, such a groundbreaking change in the way we perceive reality, that the overflow of novel input bombarding our minds might make the alien intrusion pale in comparison —who would care about saucers whirring around up above, if you suddenly found all your dead relatives coming to visit you?? 😉

    PS: BTW, that “formerly unknown Mexican Sci Fi film” happens to be “La Nave de los Monstruos” with Piporro.

    You’re welcome 😛

  • Boloni Tony

    Disclosure is happening as we speak. These extra-dimensionals have been shaping our reality at least for many millenia. “We are in this world, but not of this world,” someone once said. How right they were. Fast from this world to guard yourselves. “Men’s hearts will fail them as they bare witness to what comes on the earth in those days.” One must only look at the evil in the world that is perpetuated and surmise that their must be a “hidden” hand at work, as is rumored.