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Episode 506 – Mysterious Universe

After a brief look at the dark side of valentine’s day we make our way to developments in artificial intelligence and ultimately the impending catalyst known as “The Singularity”.

We also explore Arabian legends of the Djinn along with two exciting new books dedicated to the ancient race, while Plus+ members are treated to three illustrated entity encounters from Brazil, and the lost world of marked hominids.

Read on for show notes, music, and video.

The Dark Origins of Valentines Day

18 Egyptian Artifacts Stolen

12 000 Year Old Cave Art

The Search for the New Space Giant

Spacecraft AI

The end of Organic Humans?

The Sun revolves around the Earth!

The Djinn

The Djinn and Channeling


Plus+ Content

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Illustrated Mysterious Humanoid Encounters

The Yeti in Assam

The Marked Hominid


Reso – Aethra via earmilk

Sumsun – Non-Menthol Dub via Altered Zones

Lysergic – Black Coaches via A Pocket Full Of Seeds

Koreless – Pictures Music Up Down Up Down via Electric Zoo

Gramatik – The Prophet via indie shuffle

Martina Topley Bird – Shangri La via Les Enfants Terribles

Jamie Woon – Spiral via The Music Ninja

Excision & Liquid Stranger – Get To The Point (Marvul Remix) via Squeegie


  • Paul

    It’s very irresponsible to recommend regressive therapy, guys.

  • Lostisland1

    haha, now you dont see it, and now you do

  • Erna

    Excellent comment about consciousness existing before biological and neurological functions, which ‘does’ put a major question mark on the reasoning of these Singularity ‘activists’. I believe consciousness is immortal, and utilizes the mind and body to gain experience in a particular incarnation, making all three components a unit in that incarnation – mind/body/spirit. Although the body and the mind are manifestations of the soul, it’s still only a temporary vessel. Just my thoughts.

  • You guys are doing great with the show. Keep it up!

    Oh, and for the love of god, bring back the forums, Ben.

  • God Hates Forums

  • Listening to our show is irresponsible 😉

  • You’re hard to get a hold of these days.

  • Spaceisland1

    The show was one of my favorites, real philosophical one. Thanks!

    I just want to add that in the last episode, as well as in a couple of former ones, i also have heard background voices.Like some kind of overlaping. That dude that mentioned it is not, i repeat, IS NOT crazy!

    Greatings from planet in depresion!

  • ha ha ha very humourous…i am a robot. I have no soul. i too have new ocular implants.
    ha ha ha

  • Philogirl1

    Those who support the Singularity believe that the mind is the soul, and the mind/conciousness happens with thought – which occurs in the brain – and the body is a very vulnerable housing unit for our consciousness. Therefore, when a person dies, although his/her energy is dispersed back into the universe, that energy is just that (it doesn’t contain the entire experience of the individual that it came from). According to Kurzweil and several others in support of the Singularity, if we have a durable housing unit for the brain, we preserve our souls.

  • Flying_Squirrel

    The segment on Jin made me think of the epic novel by Roger Zelazny called “Lord of Light”. The beings called Rakasha came about in a very similar manner. Their motives are parallel as well. Kinda crazy that Roger based them off of a REAL myth. o_o

  • WOW. I fell asleep towards the end (Not because I was bored!) I enjoy listening to you at bedtime. Fires up my dream engine. But anyways, the song by Martina Topley-Bird penetrated my dreams. Powerfully. I don’t know why it did so clearly. I seemed to wake up just as it was ending. In that half asleep state, I was really moved by how beautiful it was. I dindt know if it was coming from inside my mind or externally. Really movingly beautiful.
    Anyways, good show, chaps. Gonna give it another listen to see what I missed.