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Episode 508 – Mysterious Universe

Disclosure is coming… Well according to one very suspect remote viewing source. We also look at strange rains of gators and flesh, along with what could be an end to speculation on the existence of Sasquatch.

And for Plus+ members we cover some bizarre UFO encounters and the ghost of Marie Antoinette

Show notes, pictures, and music after the jump.

Russian UFO Incident


New Alison Kruse Video

The Erickson Project

The Green Warty Man

Raining Gators

Raining Flesh

The Curtain Thing

The Graveyard Thing

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Giants in the Earth

The Ghosts of Versailles



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Kites Sail High – Stand By via SEE THE LEAVES

DATERAPE – Masking Tape via No Modest Bear

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  • Mythsay_jim

    woohoo, my weekly hit of MU!!

  • Dmon_man

    I can’t see how the Erickson Project can be legit without hearing that they’ve teamed up with a respected university, famous primatologist or something similar.
    They will need some serious scientific muscle behind a claim this big. More importantly, without science in their corner how can they guarantee the safety of the subjects of their investigation? I would think someone with a research background would know how to go about protecting a rare species from the hype the release of information like this would create.

  • jaybray

    Disclosure on Mar 8 is ok as long as it doesn’t interfere with getting my iPad 2 on Mar 11.

  • Portland_James

    Hey guys, I happen to have a real good friend that just retired from air traffic control – he’s had experience ranging from MAJOR air traffic centers to dealing with military air traffic (including fighter jets). I’ll send this video over to him to see what he thinks and get back you to. Not sure what he’ll say, he’s generally pretty frowny on topics of this nature – I’ll let you know.

    Also, the link in your show notes doesn’t seem to link to the video you are referring to – I found this vid on YouTube. I’m assuming it’s the same one?

  • Spookchild

    I was struck with a strange idea while listening to the segment about the “raining flesh” phenomena. Sometimes you guys cover stories of people that seem to have been yanked into another dimension and back again, or people that have experienced some type of time slip, which may also involve multidimensional experience. What if the raining flesh is a situation whereby some living thing has experienced this travel from one dimension to another, but something went wrong and his physical body didn’t make the transition back properly?

    Yeah, that’s a pretty “out there” idea, but I just thought I’d toss it onto the pile of theories.

  • Spaceisland1

    I must say , that there doesn’t have to be cloudy weather for something to fall from the sky. There is something called high atmosphere winds that carry all sort of junk picked somewhere else and make it fall on different location. What i mean to say is you don’t need clouds, so when someone says it was clear sky, it perfictly alright.
    Sorry for bad English grammar.

  • Sooo….do we get iPads?

  • anton

    I was really struck (no pun intended) by your segment on raining flesh! I happen to live in Sacramento, CA and on E and 19th where “Mr Kiernan” saw raining flesh come down on his chicken farm! I have to know more now. haha. Thanks for the great show guys!

  • Joe

    In the early 00s, I worked a temp job answering service request calls in the maintenance department of a company that produced ATM machines. On several occasions in the short time I worked there, we got calls on ATMs that were distributing lots of extra cash in error. According to my supervisor at the time, there wasn’t anything they or the bank could do to recover this $$.

  • Sofanda Cox

    So where is the bigfoot link?

  • P.

    I looked at the Irkutsk Air Traffic Control video on the YouTube link Portland_James gave below. Nothing conclusive to my eyes.
    I am a systems engineer in military airspace control, having experience with various radar and related systems.
    The interesting blip moves first directly outward from the center, then traverses a bit, and finally moves directly inward. Having something move on a radial is typical of a synthetic test target.
    The interesting blip has a full label, that is, as many lines of text as the others on the screen, although what I take to be the aircraft identifier (top line) is nulls. Typically air traffic control displays report data received from co-operating aircraft in its own space, or data received from co-operating air traffic control sites. A non-co-operating aircraft doesn’t show at all on many ATC systems, or at least it would not have full labels.
    When the interesting blip comes to the range of the Irkutsk primary radar, as indicated by the rotating blue sweep, there is no primary echo blob displayed for it, although this is far from conclusive; the other targets don’t seem to give a clear blob either.

    If I had to make a guess, I would say that this is a synthetic target injected into the air traffic control system by some engineer or technician to test something, and the test engineer just forgot to set some switch or communicate with the tower to indicate this as a test target. Criminal negligence in the Western world, but it happens.

    I could be wrong, but compelling radar UFO this is not.

  • Sorry about that. Can’t believe we missed it:

  • Clawhammerblues

    A thought about the meat falls. Late 1860s, 1870s was conincidental with the invention of dynamite by alfred nobel. 
    In 1867, Nobel received U.S. patent number 78,317 for his dynamite. To be able to detonate the dynamite rods, Nobel also improved his detonator (blasting cap) so that it could be ignited by lighting a fuse.Think about this, when dynamite came on the market, people would proabably be looking for uses for it, the most obvious of which would be mining and hunting…. People would have not had quite the same experience with it that we do now… which could result in falling meat.