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Episode 319 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

Well it’s May the 21st and the Rapture should have come by now, so for those of you who are left here is a ripper of a Plus+ show!

Pss… I’ve got a secret to tell you… we find out on this episode that gossip is actually a good thing. We hear some disturbing abduction accounts and take a look at the fatal consequences of UFO interactions.

Show notes and music after the jump.

Gossip is good for you

Yowie Sighting

Alaska Bigfoot Sighting

Lake Monsters of Italy

The History of the Owlman

NZ UFO Encounter

Cronkite UFO Encounter

Abduction Report






Roisin Murphy – Overpowered (Chris Menace Remix) via Solidgoldberger

Everything but the Girl – Missing (Dana Bergqvist Bootleg) via HMWL

Glasnost – Corridor (Original Mix) via Wearebinary

Subvader – Each time we touch via Thegetdownnn

Moon Wiring Club – Trapped in four dimensions via Gimme5

Tracey Thorn – It’s all true via Umstrum

Blondie – Rapture (Special Disco Mix) via Feelmybicep




  • Samueljohnstone

    Hey Aaron, what mode of transport do you have which allows you to get from Sydney to Grafton in 30mins? A Jet Plane?

  • Jlyn1980

    I watched that Alaska bigfoot video and about 1:10 mark I noticed what looked like an eye that was before I finished reading the article.  If it is a fake video that was a creepy aspect to the video.