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Bizarre Spaceship-like Object Found at the Bottom of the Baltic Sea

On June 19, 2011, a group of maritime fortune hunters, while engaged in the harrowing pursuit of retrieving sunken treasure from Baltic shipwrecks got a sonar hit of a strange circular object located 285-feet (87-meters) below the surface of the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland.

According to the report, the team was searching for shipwrecks full of profitable booty — in this case alcohol, which can be sold for a massive profit at auction — when three of the nine member crew spied the almost unbelievable image on the sonar screen; an image which may well be the first step toward one of the most phenomenal discoveries of the 21st Century.

Peter Lindberg — the leader of the Swedish Ocean Explorer team that discovered the unusual object in the depths of the Baltic — claimed that the as yet unidentified “thing” forms a perfect circle and is almost 197-feet (60-meters) in diameter. In his own words:

“You see a lot of weird stuff in this profession, but during my 17-18 years as a professional I have never seen anything like this. Shape, completely round the circle, makes this unique… all I know is that I’ve seen anything down there that is solid — stone, concrete or steel — and that is completely round.”

It goes without saying that this revelation has set the ufological world abuzz. Could this finally be it? Does the world finally have within its grasp tangible, concrete proof that we are being visited by aliens of unknown extraction who are piloting hyper-technological crafts in Earth’s airspace… and possibly below it?

The Swedish newspaper “Aftonbladet,” in an article titled “Mysterious circles in the Baltic Sea,” claimed that the unexplained object showed signs of having moved across the seabed. These excerpts have been translated from the article:

“Next to the circle is a 300 meter long slide track — as if the circle has traveled across the seabed before it has settled.”

Could this almost 1000-foot slide track be evidence that this object plummeted into the sea and came to a friction-forced halt as anything plummeting from the sky at tremendous velocity might? Or this another example of the many enigmatic USOs (Unidentified Submersible Objects) that have been so often reported around the waterways of the Scandinavian countries.

In fact, as recently as April 13th, 2011, a Swedish family by the name of Harge snapped photos from their beachfront property in Saltsjöbaden of a huge — and as yet unidentified — submarine-like object that apparently slipped through the Stockholm archipelago. The Harges also claimed that they: “…got the feeling that there was something very large under the surface.”

The head of the family diligently alerted the Armed Forces about the 328-foot (100-meter) object that observers said floated up to 3-feet (1-meter) above the waterline. Philip Simon, Press Officer on the Swedish Armed Forces, stated that possible violations of Swedish territory are always taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. While there is no evidence whatsoever that these two incidents are even remotely connected, it bears mentioning that citizens and the military of this region has had numerous run-ins with USO and so-called “phantom submarines.”

Whether or not this object proves to be of natural or extraterrestrial origin, according to expedition member, Dennis Åsberg, there is the possibility that the debris was dumped there by another nation such as Russia or Germany. According to (a roughly translated) Åsberg:

“Germans have been there, the Russians have been there, dumped a huge, yes. It is not inconceivable.”

If this is military or industrial refuse from one of these or another nation then two questions remain; how long has it been there and what the heck is it?

Could this be one of those infamous Nazi flying saucers that was ordered scuttled by the Third Reich high command before the Allies could get their hands on the technology? Probably not, but the thought is intriguing.

Andreas Olsson, a marine archaeologist at the National Maritime Museums in Sweden, studied the pictures of this circular object, but claimed that she required more information to be able to determine what it is.

That having been acknowledged, Lindberg and his team have evidently ruled out the possibilities. According to Aftonbladet”

“… they rule out theories that there is a depth bomb or mine from the First World War — or a symmetrical [algae] bloom… the most likely scenario is still that there is a natural ground formation.”

Since images of this perplexing circular object have made their way around the web, many have come forward with the notion that this potential “crashed UFO” bears an uncanny resemblance to Han Solo’s sweet intergalactic ride the legendary Millennium Falcon. Maybe they’re closer to the truth than they know.

So while Lindberg and the rest of Swedish Ocean Explorer team are going to continue the hunt for valuable bottles of submerged champagne the only question that remains is who will be the first to uncover the origins of this inexplicable object… and will whomever does plumb the depths of the Baltic to collect her mysteries divulge the secrets they uncover?

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  • Bendwwwp

    Very interesting. I hope to hear more as this develops.

  • Dale_Vermont

    It looks like the ship that made the Kessel run in under 12 Parsecs.

  • I think they found the Millenium Falcon!

  • C’mon, everyone knows that this is Han Solo’s Millenium Falcon.

  • Anonymous

    Really… We’re speculating on a mere sonar image? Unless it is brought up and proves to be a wookie (or Sasquatch) piloted ship, it’s hard to get excited. It’ll end up being garbage or seaweed and disappoint us all again. Sadly, if this had any validity the gov would not have let this story get out. This story serves as yet another example of disinformation. When UFO enthusiasts finally pool their money to check this out, the algae bloom shaped like a UFO will have moved off, and the government will be blamed. You can now commemse calling me a disinformation agent…

  • Anonymous

    Anyone tried to Google for “circular ship” and come up with the more mundane possibility of perhaps…?

    I’d rather have it be a space ship too, but I just don’t think that’s the most obvious answer. 😉

  • Craig Jackson

    They don’t know. Therefore ancient aliens!

  • Mattg0376

    He never thought he’d be smuggling HIMSELF in it!

  • Much as I’d love it to be the Millenium Falcon or a Cylon Raider, perhaps the Russian monitor Novgorod or her near-sister ship Read Admiral Popov are a more likely candidate:

  • Anonymous

    More plausable: one of the ships was not scrapped, but sunk (or was skuttled) in the Baltic Sea?

  • Zack Darby

    Spectacular! I will be waiting with baited breath until someone gets down there to tell us what it is.

  • Anonymous

    It’s just venus! 
    Kidding aside…If this is real though, you know that it’s going to be covered up by the ‘powers above us’. Let’s just keep our eyes on this story and not let it leave our eyes… Let’s see what kind of cover up they try to pull on this one…

  • Bill Hiel

    Aquaman’s crib

  • Matt Eickhoff

    That’s no moon!

  • Anonymous

    If a private group does not recover the object very quickly, some government agency will get it and cover it up. I will be surprised if it is even still there. I do not think it have been there very long due to the slide marks. If it had been there for years or more the slide marks would probably be covered due to tides and other currents. Someone with the equipment get in now!

  • Is booze really so expensive now that you can make a profit looting sunken ships for it?  Maybe I’m seeing it wrong in the picture, but it looks more like an indentation in the ground vs a circular raised portion.  Very strange looking.

  • Red Pill Junkie

    Ditto. It’s so annoying how the UFO buffs always react with the “we don’t know, ergo ET” mantra.

  • totally the millennium falcon…the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy!

  • Scotdeerie

    Gee, it looks like the Millennium Falcon.  I wonder where Hans Solo had gone.

  • Scotdeerie

    Oh, crap.  I’m sorry.  I thought it looked like the Millennium Falcon, too, and just posted that.  I thought I had an original idea.  I thought wrong.

  • Dapla999

    I say it’s a giant satellite dish or horseshoe crab at the bottom of the Baltic Sea… 

  • Djpotochick

    My guess would be that it’s part of a ship’s radar system rusted and sitting at the bottom of the sea…

  • Spookcow

    It looks a lot like the objects in the sts-75 tether nasa footage…

  • Mangiok

    isn’t that twice as small?

  • Pirvonen

    Admittedly, I have no expertise in interpreting sonar imagery, but I can’t make out the skid marks in the images. All I see (in addition to the discoid) is some variation that doesn’t differ from any sea bottom.

  • I believe.

    We’ll never know what it is. They’ll never tell us what it is.

  • volcanic shaft probably.
    you can google “devils postpile” and see what one looks like

  • Grrrggggg

    Holy Crap, it’s the Millennium Falcon

  • paul

    booz or wine is not expensive now .but if u find a case of wine that is like 300 mabe more years old it would go into the 100 thousands.

  • paul

    i bet it will turn out to be a big plug for the sea lol

  • D Parry203

    we won’t find out if it is a space ship, ( smell a conspiracy theory 🙂

  • JD

    Looks like a face smilling at you a little to left of it, on the bottom picture.

  • That dude..

    This object is messing me up.. I cannot figure out what man made object is 60 meters across and circular. 60 Meters is ALOT. The circular ship someone mentioned above is half the size of that. How would a satelite discs (if any exist at that size) end up out in the middle of the baltic sea? no ships have radars that size.No monuments can be build deep under water, it is far too deep to have been dry land in the past.. WHAT IS IT!!! Nazi Ufos?? I’d say real UFO’s are more plausible, heck we can’t even build a proper flying disc in the present.

    Someone needs to figure this out before my brain implodes, but like many others have mentioned, goverments would probably keep that secret under wraps. The world as we know it with all it’s rediculous religions (Sorry, that my opinion) would collapse.

    To say that a universe as overwhelmingly huge and diverse would contain only us is an insult to my intelligence. Even more so that we are gods creation, and the supreme beings of the universe.

    I’ll stop now.. Sorry 😀

  • Dr Francis Squalis

    Nope. It’s the broken top of the inside of a volcano after millions of years of decay. The area was very volcanic once upon a time. 

  • Atiomaste

    Cylon Raider.  All of this has happened before…

  • Dr Travis Westover

    This mystery was finally solved. It turned out to be millions of old computer monitors dumped by India.

  • Craig

    ur right. ive seen what ur talking about and i would agree.

  • Craig Ellis23

    You make a valid point, but how can we explain the almost near perfect circular shape. What ship  does any country have/had look like that? 

  • Did you look at the Wikipedia link? The Novgorod and Rear Admiral Popov were exactly that, circular in shape.

  • Danger Silent

    Completely agree with you.  I am always a skeptic, but I would love to see this one solved.  I’ve seen some weird stuff in my day…and this would be the icing on the cake.  Actually, check out my band…we have a LOT of songs about this. =]

  • Danger Silent

    lol idiot…look at the perfectly symmetrical and yet rounded lines.  that looks like a computer to you?  looks more like a carving to me or an imprint from something

  • Thats no moon

    isn’t a parsec a measure of distance?

  • Guest

    Clearly is the Millennium Falcon

  • Guest

    Clearly is the Millennium Falcon

  • hmm maybe we shouldnt call good old Billy a hoax so fast afterall

  • exactly what i was about to say. its about time people start putting the clues together.

    the extraterrestrial presence is reality, its time to wake up.

  • if its an alien space craft they will not recover it trust me. 

    i dont know what the swiss governments relationship with the extraterrestrials is but i know that the united states have been trying to shoot UFO’s down. 

    so in a way we are at war with them. i would have to say im on the aliens side. 

    but the pleiadians have been in contact with parts of the swedish country now for many years including the most famous contactee Billy Meir. 

  • u are right they will try to cover it up but disclosure is already happening so they dont have long to try to keep it covered up. the extraterrestrials are planning their own form of disclosure if our governments dont do it soon.

  • its just as big a scientific sin to have a  preconceived notion about something u know absolutely nothing about as it is for UFO buffs as u call them to assume every unexplained thing is a space alien ship.especially in a reality that our scientist cant even explain the simplest of concepts like how is gravity generated? and where does the genes that make us human come from?  

    u cant really afford to have a closed mind because u dont know enough 

    we all dont

  • YOU are completely right. it is what it seems like it is. its an extraterrestrial space craft. these people who come in and try to explain it away are simply brainwashed by the government. they are too stupid to see that everything we watch buy and eat is designed to manipulate and control them. they have been trained to think in the same non creative non imaginative mind unable to create new solutions for new problems just as the mind of the neanderthal was incapable of having an imagination and inventing new things. that way of thinking eventually led to the extinction of the neanderthal. 

    people today have been trained to have no mind and no creativity which is essential to create new solutions for problems. instead they continue to use the same soltutions for both new and old problems. they see a UFO  and say its the planet saturn swamp gass or a bird. they believe that Roswell was a damn weather balloon. they believe everything the government says . they dont have an artistic bone in their body. they believe that the eastern world is uncivilized and primitive and the western world is advanced and intelligent. they dont know that all the advanced science and mathematics and inventions came from the eastern civilizations such as Africans,Indians,Asians and middle easterns.

    these types of people are drones, mindless individuals who have been completely brainwashed by the system. they are completely locked into low range frequencies of thought processes which disables them from higher comprehension of greater realities,and concepts.

    You are not going crazy. you are not one of those individuals therefore you see the truth for what it is.