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Episode 406 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

Reports have surfaced of a black winged entity seen before the launch of the latest ill-fated Russian Soyuz rocket. Is Mothman the harbinger of yet another disaster? 

We also cover new entity encounters in Delaware, Black Eyed Kids in Ireland, and remote viewing Loch Ness.

Read on for show notes, music, and video.

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History Channel Puts The Strongest UFO Evidence Under The Microscope

YouTube History Channel UFO Documentary


Update: What Was Seen Flying Before Russian Rocket Crash?

Photos: Enormous spherical mass seen in Shanghai & Beijing skies

Disc UFO emerges low from Delaware tree line

‘White hooded figure’ appears in Delaware home after UFO encounter

Argentina: The First Multiple Daytime CE-3

Black-Eyed Kid Encounter in Ireland

Black Scaled Reptilian Humanoid Seen Near Canberra, Australia

Lair of the Beasts: Creatures of the Spectral Kind

Bigfoot News August 24, 2011

Operation Moon: The Unsolved Enigma

Unconscious Extraterrestrial Secrets About Contact Revealed in New Video

George Kavassilas w’ Lisa Harrison Jan 2011 Pt1


Ryuichi Sakamoto – Mill Theme (Robotaki Remix) via Et Musique Pour Tous

Slow Hands – Kreuzberg Blues via Last Gas Station

Clams Casino – Fakest Year Ever (Squadda B) via Mp3 Medication

Bahwee – Just Chilll via Word is Bond

Swingle Singers – Star Wars via Cover Freak


  • Hey Ben….Adrian Erickson is upset because he pulled out of the study and wanted his money back a while back. Melba did return the full amount according to my sources….but now Erickson wants back into the study because he now knows that there have been several credible submissions and his name/credit will be left off the final report. This is why there have been ‘leaks’…it’s Erickson attempting to force Melba and the others to let him back into the study….

  • Red Pill Junkie

    Sixto Paz came to my university to give a lecture once. He’s a very interesting individual, and one needs to take into consideration that, unlike many self-proclaimed contactees, when his group invited journalists to the Atacama desert to view the UFOs, by the time most of them gave up the few stubborn enough to stick around *did* see (and photographed) strange lights flying in the desert sky. One of them was J.J. Benítez who went out and wrote his first book on the topic, UFOs: SOS to Humanity.

    This idea that the moon is part of a mechanism to keep humanity subjugated is rather interesting, since it was part of the plot in a book titled Regina, written by Antonio Velasco Piña, which depicted the turbulent times of 1968, and the infamous Tlatelolco massacre.