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Episode 410 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

New sightings of phantom armies in Asia, UFO sightings across the world, and the UK Government’s recognition of a Paranormal research society all make the headlines this week. 

We then share our recent isolation tank experiences before recalling a rare and classic venture into the inner earth.

Read on for show notes, links, and music.

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Dee Why UFO Sighting

Wigan UFO stuns Teen

UFO Sighting Reports Double

WWII Phantom Army Seen

Paranormal UK Society gets recognised as a Professional Body


Float Tanks Bondi


Inner Earth Tales

Icelandic Elves

Sexy Story

Elf Book

Elf Truths


Visioneers – Ike’s Mood I (Samples Isaac Hayes) via Loose Lips

Casa Del Mirto – Spaceman via movimenta

Submotion Orchestra – Always (LAXX Remix) via KCRW Music Blog

Celista – Swimming Endless via Head Underwater

I Come to Shanghai – Eternal Life Vol. 1 – Love Shark – Trapped in a Dream – Stand By [BUY]


  • AT

    Hey, I’m not all that interested in the paranormal – I just subscribe to hear the sexy stories. I was wondering if it’s possible you guys could have a Sexy Episode? The same concept as a XMas special, except it would be all sexy stories. It would be great if you could do it next week. Thanks!

  • Tengojazz

    Hey Aaron, from one biology student to another, how come you never went into the medical business? I’ve just been wondering for a while now…

  • Red Pill Junkie

    Hey Audible! so when are you bringing the Icelandic Elf sex book to your catalog?? 😉

  • DiplomaticSteve

    Hey Ben and Aaron,
                                 I really enjoyed the MU plus blast from the past interview with Stanton Friedman. I would really like to see you guys do an upto date interview with Friedman as I think it would be so much more interesting with both of you guys conducting it.