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Russian Scientist Claims to have Created Working “Time Machine”

In the classic Back to the Future film series, the slightly off-kilter (but lovable) Doc Brown manages to retrofit a DeLorean with a temporal-displacement device known famously as a “flux capacitor,” resulting in a car that, after accelerating to speeds exceeding 88 miles-per-hour, is able to travel to different predetermined points in time. At present, the notion of literal time travel–while remaining a subject that is hotly contested by physicists–is also something that has remained relegated to the realm of films and science fiction.

But according to the peculiar exploits of one Russian scientist, the creation of devices that might be literally capable of displacing time around an individual might finally be a reality. In fact, if the claims of Vadim Alexandrovich Chernobrov are anything more than rumor or hearsay, then we are being asked to believe that Chernobrov himself may have succeeded in the creation of a functional time machine.

Born 1965, Chernobrov is credited with the founding of the Russian Kosmopoisk organization (meaning “Space Search”), of which he is the leader. As described (with certain brevity) at the Wikipedia page dedicated to his life and research, Chernobrov is also known for being a meteorite hunter and advocate of UFO research. Apparently since around 1987, research involving ways that time might be manipulated has remained of particular interest to his studies, and now, after decades of exploring this most-complicated area of the physical universe, Chernobrov claims to have achieved success with bending and warping what we know as time.

Somewhat ironically, the Before It’s News website detailed a story this week detailing Chernobrov’s claims:

The device achieves travel through time, according to its inventor, by utilizing strong magnetic fields that resonate about the capsule and affect the natural flow of time and causality by literally increasing or slowing the flow of time.

During experiments, Chernobrov has shown that very precise chronometers, synchronized before the field is energized, experience a significant divergence in time after one has been placed inside the time machine while the other is kept far from the energized field as a control.

These chronometers, which are essentially devices that are designed to keep time precisely enough to be used as portable standards for judging time, allegedly revealed a “definite” warping of time within the magnetic field emitted by the machine. If translations from the Russian language reports about this discovery are to be correctly understood, what is being asserted is that early tests with the device were performed at Moscow Aircraft University, and were in at least some instances harmful or deadly to a variety of animal test subjects. However, following a series of tests involving human participants, the subjects described no ill effects other than seeing “colored circles” in the air while within the device’s magnetic field, in addition to “moderate arrhythmia.”

Chernobrov, who was among the participants, states of his observations that, “we came to conclusion that time is 3–dimensional,” and that humans could, at least in theory, “move in time backwards and forwards.”

But what practical applications, if the claims of Chernobrov are indeed true and accurate, will this device be capable of? If nothing else, perhaps the story outlined here will lead to a greater understanding of the nature of space and time, rather than any literal ability to travel back and forth through time to any significant degree. While the verdict remains open, there is a curious lack of interest and coverage that this story is receiving among the various news sites thus far… are we just a bit ahead of the game, or does this suggest that Chernobrov’s claims just aren’t warranting serious consideration?

It should be noted, perhaps, that the majority of the information featured in the Before It’s News article was excerpted from an earlier article appearing at the Russian Pravda website. In terms of being a legitimate news source, generally Pravda cannot be relied upon in terms of the veracity of the facts it presents. Over the years, a few rather questionable reports have been issued by the Russian tabloid, ranging from overblown claims of the discovery of a “Yeti paw,” to the supposed recovery of meteorite fragments and even extraterrestrial artifacts from the famous Tunguska blast site, where a large explosion of unexplained origin occurred in 1908. Chernobrov is credited with the investigation of a similar site in 2003, following the crash of what was believed to be a meteorite in the taiga 700 miles north of the city of Irkutsk the previous September. Chernobrov was quoted by the Associated Press that year, saying the blast site was on par with that of a “medium atomic bomb.”

So whether or not the claims that Chernobrov has created a literal time machine can be taken seriously remains an item of dispute… for now, at least. Who knows what the future will hold regarding this curious item; but safe it to say for now, only time will tell (pun intended)!

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  • Red Pill Junkie

    Если мои расчеты верны, когда этот ребенок хитов восемьдесят восемь миль в час … Вы собираетесь увидеть некоторые серьезные дерьмо:P

  • n0xc0mment

    Великий Скотт!!!!!!! 1.21 гигаватт!

  • n0xc0mment

    Великий Скотт!!!!!!! 1.21 гигаватт!

  • Hestia Prentiss

    you could have mentioned Pravda earlier so i could have skipped reading this, pravda=russian weekly world news. zero credibility but good for a laugh.

  • Andrey, Moscow, Russia

    What a bullshit! I personally know a guy, an ex member of Kosmopisk, who took part in this quack experiment and save for a seriously damaged health of the subject (the effects appeared within 2-3 years) and a dozen dead  mice and guinea pigs this genius gained NOTHING!

  • Andrey, Moscow, Russia

    What a bullshit! I personally know a guy, an ex member of Kosmopisk, who took part in this quack experiment and save for a seriously damaged health of the subject (the effects appeared within 2-3 years) and a dozen dead  mice and guinea pigs this genius gained NOTHING!

  • Lakshay Aggarwal

    exactly my point Paul Revans

  • The problem with the so called time machines and measuring them is this. Any device that emits magnetic or static electrical fields will effect a time piece, be it mechanical or digital. With mechanical magnetic fields can effect rotating gears. With digital, electrical statical fields effect the pulse rate of the crystal oscillator used in them. These are not effects of time distortion. And sadly using time pieces in fast planes can create enough of a electrical statical effect to interfere with a time piece as well, bet that ruins the concept of speed and time change, anyway as they say on Ripley believe it or not,,believe it or not!

  • J.Griffin

    Didn’t Doc Brown say that The Car had to go EXACTLY 88mph?

    Extreme power had to be engaged at that point,
    hence the lightning bolt.

    A space-time portal(wormhole)would be more likely to deliver you to the proper place instead of just somewhere in deep space,
    as some below have noted.

    it would also be better to build your machine as a spaceship.

    As for the Notorious “Grandfather Paradox”,
    who’s to say that such events would not cause those concerned to simply cease to have existed?

    The “BTTF” film series treated this comically,
    but perhaps the person traveling would revert to having never been born-
    especially bad if it was an instamatic form of preventing unauthorized travel-
    if it were to happen immediately upon arrival the machine and probable inventer
    could just cease to exist.

    If only inorganic matter could travel,
    you would get more into some of the “Terminator” concepts.

    Ironically,there was no Time MACHINE (vehicle) there:
    it was just a one way transportation as I remember-
    although humans could travel,they could not return.

    Humans could only travel naked,also.

    Only God Knows-
    the rest of us are just speculating…
    unless it can be done and someone,somewhere has actually done it.

    Even then,
    the rest of us are STILL just speculating!
    There may also be an inability for travelers to physically interact with the past-
    they may just be a sentient projection.

    Some already claim this regarding the more extreme forms of remote viewing.

    The simplest method may not even involve a physical “machine”,vehicle or doorway-
    it may just be an as yet unknown form of audio/visual perception,
    NOT actual travel.

    That would undermine all the “sy-fy” hyper-drama,
    of course….

    Parallel time lines,alternative universes are all still speculative at this point.

    Unless/until people have done&proven this,
    it can only be addressed in probabilities&possibilities…
    not certainties.

  • David Patrick Maurer

    there can be no ‘time travel’ because there is no such thing as time.

  • yeah but it had some notions of physics. the flux capacitor’s a cyclotron powered by a few gigawatts plutonium reactor, creating enough energy to warp space and move something the size of a car into another dimension, rushing into its own wormhole generated by that device.
    it needs a strong EM field to even do that and it’s really fiction, since in real life, …electro-magnetism and gravitation-space-time are really two separate forces. you’d need something very stronger than 1.2GW to bend it.
    maybe petawatt, having a screaming, smoking Chernobyl powerplant generating that energy for your cyclotron on your trunk to deliver that energy would eventually make it.

    so you need a good ride to reach a speed that propels you into its own warp, or wormhole and finish the job — instead of just having a spaceship with even bigger thermonuclear engines, each the size of the empire state building to kick someone above the speed of light and therefore go back in time.

    humans traveling naked is just an argument to get everybody naked, but i’d do it on a huge custom Bugatti or Lamborghini with all kind of computers and a subminiature LHC on it, for so much swag…

  • “so we have created this device that does bends light in a way that a packet of particles travels backward in time by 0.2 nanoseconds as explained in general relativi…”
    “Russian Scientist Claims to have Created Working Time Machine!!!!”

  • guest

    The problem with time travel is that it’s impossible for humans to survive the trip.