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Episode 618 – Mysterious Universe

The White House responds predictably to the ET Disclosure petitions but we question whether they are the right ones to be asking. Also featured is a new Cold Fusion claim and a fresh conspiracy on a NATO lead ET disclosure set for 2012. Sound familiar? 

The Aum Shinrikyo cult’s dabbling with Scalar weaponry in the Australian Outback will raise some eyebrows, while the “world’s most relaxing song” will bring them back down into a state of bliss all in preparation for an epic 1hr Plus+ Extension featuring ways to alter your consciousness and Afro Aliens among other oddities.

Show notes, music, books, and music after the jump

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White House says “There are no Extraterrestrials”

ATS says “There are Extraterrestrials”

Cold Fusion Discovered?

Aum Supreme Weapon

Humanoid / Cryptid Reports

Change your Eye Colour

The Most Relaxing Song

Plus+ Content

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10 Ways to Alter your Consciousness

Alternate Perceptions – Mothman and UFO Encounters

Afro Alien Encounters

Abduction caught on Film

Deadly Dolphins

Dinosaur Tulpas

The Doorway to Forgetfulness


DSL – Supa Love (Instrumental Version) via Vacay Wave

Amp Live – Differ.E.N.T. via Mixtape Riot

Eplp. – Earth via Dingus

Trolle Siebenhaar – Sweet Dogs via Mixtape Riot

Sepalcure – Im Alright via Rock Inside

Dauwd – Could It Be via Dipped in Dollars

TeV95 – Not Dead via indie shuffle


  • Anonymous

    The most relaxing song is A Walk by Tycho which was featured on your show already. Bazinga.

    Also, I’m with Ben on the whole eye thing. It’s why I wear glasses and fail that damned air test every time. I hate anything involving eyes.

  • Spookchild

    Ben, I have a horror story for you about eyes. Maybe you want to stop reading right here.

    A few years ago I had a detached retina, and what they had to do to fix it was pretty bad. I had an operation where they took my eye out of its socket and had to sew a band around the eyeball to squeeze it a little, to make sure the retina was touching the inner surface of the eyeball again.

    Still reading?

    The worst part was, they held the band in place with STITCHES. Which I felt on the inside of my eyelid every time my eyeball moved. The skin has since grown over the band, but I can still feel and see the ridge when I put my finger on my eyelid.

    I hope I didn’t freak you out TOO much, but it was too gruesome not to share, and it fit in with your eye discussion on this show. You are lucky I didn’t attach pics.

  • Things like that are reminiscent of the greys/other aliens and their experiments.  Really makes me wonder.  Where the hell is the Star Trek technology?  Shouldn’t aliens that have the technology to get here from waaay out there have better medical technology than us neanderthals plopping out eyeballs to fix them???

  • The obsession of the alternative or small-time inventors for the patenting of their work is really painful to see or hear. Patent by itself is worth exactly the funds you have available for going to court. Waving your patent grant at someone who is infringing on your rights will help exactly nothing. Having a patent is simply a license to sue the infringing party, and then you need to go to court to fight that big company with their massive army of lawyers and substantial funds. Feel protected? Don’t.

    Real innovative companies that do their own research and development keep the really interesting results as proprietary, non-disclosed property. They might patent things that are mildly noteworthy but not immediately useful. And to the technical journals and scientific peer-reviewed papers they send results that are worthless. (This is my paraphrase of the process my contacts inside technology industry have described to me.)

    Besides, when you have patented your invention, anyone can buy the description from the patent office. Or get it from a free online patent database service. Want to protect your invention? The last thing you, a small-time inventor, should want to do is to patent it.

  • L_mikel

    Why don’t triggers ever target the Pentagon? Hello, that’s center of military intelligence, they’ve got some answers alright. Forget the white house, that’s just a dog and pony show.

    Don’t forget to hug a reptilian today 🙂

    Thanks Ben and Aaron, smashing work!

  • Glorfindel

    The E-Cat, Cold Fusion and people mucking about with magnets have been talking about free energy that has not been replicated in any peer reviewed studies, which in of itself is not a problem but the issue at hand is the theoretical underpinnings – there can be no such thing as ‘free energy’ because the first law of thermodynamics states that energy can’t be made or destroyed, this was further reinforced by Einstein who said that matter and energy are equivalent (e=mc2) implying that since the matter in the universe is fixed so is it’s energy – so there is no such thing as ‘free energy’, if the laws of thermodynamics is wrong then what is the superseding law/theory? – describes how it’s faked because it is not producing more energy then it takes in.

    As for patent and all of that, the reason cold fusion is that the experiment was not replicated in the peer review process, the theoretical process for fusion is predicated on ideas from particle physics (binding energies, inertial confinement) that is why we haven’t been able to do it in a manner that would produce large amounts of energy (right now the amount of energy we input to confine the plasma is about the same we get out from the neutrons which are produced in the process, hence we need aneutronic fusion via the helium-3, deuterium pathway giving us charged species from where we can derive electricity more easier – but he3 is very rare).

    The peer review process is very important, like the neutrino behaviour reported by CERN is being replicated by other groups elsewhere to figure out what is going on…it maybe that CERN made some systemic errors in their interpretation of the data (day-tah not dah-tah) or errors in the experiment, or it maybe that we are on the cusp of another theory of the universe (and we know that there is something that had to bridge Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity) such as string theory some versions of which states that there are 11+ so the neutrinos maybe disappearing from ‘d-brane’ and reappearing at other points on the ‘d-brane’  – who knows?

    The rogue scientist theory/Om Shinryku is not without merit, check this out –

    Sorry about the long post.

  • Anonymous

    The most relaxing sound you can find is Bob Ross while painting his “happy little trees.” Even if you were never thinking about picking a damn brush, one could spend the entire day watching him paint those pretty/dull bucolic images due to his soothing and calm tone.

    Remember that book titled “More Plato, Less Prozac”? Well, my own motto is “More Bob Ross, Less Valium” 😉

  • JahaRa2010

    Maybe they stole the ships or maybe they aren’t really aliens, just humans with mind control making people think aliens are abusing them while they do their nazi experiments.

  • We are playing 3 dates in Australia next week! really hoping Ben & Aaron make it to the Sydney show…

  • QuickandPainful

    Wow, had this show in my iPod for a while now 1st time listener and really think Ben and Aaron do an amazing job. Was I even more surprised when he mentioned and spoke of my encounter I posted to mufon.

    You have it listed here as Afro-Aliens, which is kind of funny. To Aaron I didn’t know if the one knelt down by my younger brother had a needle but at that time that’s what I thought and then when he came over to my bed and with true “economy of motion” knelt and opened that odd box in almost a single motion flipped his elongated wrist 180 degrees like doctors do so I thought he was going for a needle.

    To best describe the expression when I couldn’t keep silent my urge to cry (being I thought my life was over and my bro was already dead) he Winced you know that Eek face people make if they touch something they realize they shouldn’t have. The wince made this thing look like it aged 50 years by all the wrinkles that bellowed down it’s jawline.

    Remember at that time in 1975 there was no such things as “Greys” meme or aliens with big heads and black almond shaped eyes little bodies that is now such a part of pop culture. And there wasn’t for another 10 or 15 years later.

    Also when I first heard the term “Greys” in the late 80’s I think like I still do now, they are not grey they are a whiteish blue ashy if anything arctic silver. Doubt they are robotic they were breathing and that wince is a emotion humans have, the taller one that stood in the back was clearly running the show and was truly menacing the way he never turned his head and body away from me until they b-lined it out in the march. It’s almost impossible to impress upon people the precision of the march and yes they moved as one.

    When the 3 marched down the hall and passed my parents room the two that came out and joined the line were already in full stride without seeing the three in the dark which is so bizarre that being even possible being they were moving so fast. I remember thinking and seeing marching bands at football games and how awkward and out of time they are compared to those creatures.

    Anyway sorry for the ramble, really dig your show it’s great to hear two bright people with open minds logically look at and discuss this subject.

    I’ve only told a handful of people that story since that time when I told everyone and was abused by schoolmates and the like and shamed into silence. I can understand why the U.S. government keeps it a secret being that they can’t stop them even if they wanted to. I do hope that undeniable evidence gets released some day so we can get on to the real issue of what they want.

    That whole “are we alone” thing passes by in a nano-second when one is standing in front of you.

    Best, Mark