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  • FalseParadigm

    Welcome back 🙂

  • Grant Dyer


  • About bloody time!!


  • Sandi In Sydney

    at last my New Year has started properly 🙂

  • Matthew Donatelli

    So glad it’s back, wheee!

  • Nathan

    On the topic of the cow mutilation, why does it have to be a satanic cult? What about a cult that is also technologically advanced? Think about Aum Shinrikyo who gassed the subways in 1995 or how the Raelians claimed they were cloning humans back in the early 2000s. Not sure what they would be doing with a cows vagina and utters but it seemed to me like a weird cult would be the most logical answer. 

  • BigHairyBeast

    Woo-hoo, welcome back! You guys can cram in more information and entertainment into 90 minutes per week than others can into 4 hours a night! Speaking of which, in this (awesome) episode you discussed the steaming pile of crazy that is Basiago and Stillings. I listened to that episode of C2C, Maj Ed Dames was a surprise guest and basically called them both liars. It was like the paranormal Jerry Springer show! Keep up the good work, and give us more Yowie stories!

  • DLo

    I need to point out a very real danger you gentlemen pose to some of us: I was listening to you via Stitcher in my car. The Obama/Mars connection made me laugh so hard I shot the coca-cola I was sipping out of my nose, causing my eyes to water and making me a definite hazard to other drivers (not that I wasn’t beforehand, but that’s beside the point). You guys need a “don’t drink and drive” warning before you do pieces like that! 
    My mom lives in Washington State and I’m trying to figure out what I can bribe her with to waste, errr I mean invest, 7 hours of her life at the Basiago conference. If I can meet her price (I’m not giving her another grandchild no matter how funny it would be to make her go) I’ll get the run-down for you. Love your show! Looking forward to the rest of season 7!

  • Rich Demo1

    So glad you guys are back. I was going to resort to Coast to Coast the other night, then I took ambien and painted the bathroom. 

  • Emptinessandform

    So, I live in Washington State only a few hours drive from the Basiago event. I am a graduate student and I work for a local college. Let’s say you need a local MU corespondent in Washington. Let’s say you wanted this local corespondent to attend and you could cover the fee, gas, and meals for this corespondent. Let’s also say you had some probing questions for Basiago that you wanted this corespondent to ask. Get me an “official”  MU press badge on a lanyard, I’ll ask my wife if I can go, and if approved (seriously, I need to ask her first before I infiltrate Clandestine U.S. Mars-tronauts for Australian paranormal podcasters), I’ll provide you with a comprehensive report based on your questions and the material presented. If your are in, comment back, and we will figure out the logistics.