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Episode 708 – Mysterious Universe

A new “back-squatch” photo takes center stage this week along with an astonishing collection of large unknown footprints.

We also weigh in on the recent debate between Richard Dolan and Dr. Alexander on the UFO Coverup question, before leaping off a brand new Spring Heeled Jack sighting into tales of dark phantoms from the UK.

Hit the jump for show notes, music links, and more.

Bigfoot Photo Release

Over 120 Sequential Sasquatch Prints Found South of Eugene

Cliff Barackman: “London footprints are the most significant footprint find in the last 40 years” [Bigfoot Tracks]

Why Has No Hunter Ever Shot and Killed a Bigfoot?

IRN Presents: The 2012 UFO ‘Cover-Up’ Debate *

*Special thanks to the IRN for permission to use the audio from the debate.

Let’s crank it up a notch

Terrified Banstead family confronted by ‘dark figure’ on bypass

Return of Spring-heeled Jack?


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The Darker Side (of some) Scientists

4 Bizarre Experiments That Should Never Be Repeated

Spontaneous Human Invisibility


Supernatural Powers and Indian Yogis in the Himalayas


Bondax – ‘Just Us’

Aebeloe – Uden Titel

Bombastic Jam – Black n Tan

123MRK – Untroubled

Gang Colours – Fancy Restaurant (Ifan Dafydd Remix)

GoldFFinch – Groove Panda [BUY]


  • Dave1

    1. As for the bigfoot picture, if you follow the line of the hair it is obvious it is not growing from the back. It is coming from the head. It has been carefully combed and laid across the back to give the appearance of growing on the back. Also, it is puffed out over the arms to look like the person is bigger than they really are.

    2. Basketball players regularly have size 18,19 or 20 shoes which translates to 15 or 16 inches. There have been many instances of people with much bigger feet than that. 16 inch footprints prove nothing.

    3. It is interesting that you accuse John Alexander of being so set in his ways that he can conceive of their being government coverups but you and others seem to be just as set on you ideas that you can’t even think that he could possibly be right.

  • Acmebacktrimmer

     Robin Williams?

  • bigfan

    ok so i was fscinated by this photo, and being an a graphic designer and well versed in photoshop i wanted to debunk this photo. i looked at the large version without the water mark and blew it up to 200% and all my eyes could see was a nappy haired dog laying on the ground looking into the base of a bush. i can make out his two hind legs going out of the bottom of the picture as well as what looks like a few blades of grass in the bottom right hand corner…. im not saying thats what this is a picture of but i couldnt stop seeing it….

  • I just listened to the whole debate, and I loved it. If Ufologists love to fight so much with each other, then we should organize one of these every month! 😛

    Both parties do have valid points: Alexander argues that governments are mostly concerned with immediate problems and are mired with bureaucratic apathy and incompetence.

    But IMHO Dolan was very effective in presenting his case that among SOME members of the government there has been a continuous deep interest in the phenomenon; he gave examples and facts and dates, whereas Alexander was relying solely on his personal inability to discover a cover-up –while conveniently forgetting he himself was successful in creating a covert group set to investigate UFOs; as Grant Cameron argued some time ago, if he could do it, why can’t somebody else too?

    Alexander is right in being skeptical of the possibility that the US government possess extremely exotic technology resulted from either back-engineering of crashed saucers, or even a bonafide hand-me-down; why let the US lose their role as the only superpower if they could intimidate any potential adversary with a showcase of something truly spectacular?

    Dolan has a point that the military have a tendency to keep their winning ace in the sleeve for as long as possible; after all, defense tech takes decades to be perfected, and nobody wants to lose extremely expensive equipment if something does go wrong –i.e. the stealth craft that crashed during the Osama capture execution.

    I would offer a THIRD alternative for these gentlemen: They have the technology, and it’s currently operational, but it might still be astronomically expensive to deploy in real-life combat situations.

    (To better understand what I’m saying, think of Batman Begins: Lucius Fox showing Bruce Wayne the cool armored suit that worked perfectly, but was discarded because the Army didn’t think a soldier’s life was worth a quarter of a million dollars)

    And the Fourth alternative, that neither of them mentioned, was that if you show a fully functioning home-made flying saucer to the public, the world would quit its oil addiction as the bad habit it is quicker than you can say ‘F#%k Chevron!’; and that would be as devastating right now as a Michael Bay’s Decepticon invasion.

    But, getting back to the debate, Richard Dolan’s got my vote for UFO president: I kinda wished I had the time and necessary talent to do an illustration of him with the design of the Obama iconic poster, with the words ‘Disclose’ under him 😉

  • AvD

    Aaaawwwwww Yeeeaaaahhhh New Episode!!! 

  • StevieStainz

    The ‘spring-heeled Jack’ story from the UK really surprised me when I heard the story. I live in Epsom and the location of the apparent sighting was literally within a kilometre or so of my house, yet something about the newspaper report doesn’t quite add up. It mentions a journey from Stoneleigh to Banstead, which probably would pass Nescot college at some point AFTER the Ewell by-pass. The account talks about the figure running across a dual carriageway, which IS the Ewell by-pass between Stoneleigh and the outskirts of Ewell, but to the best of my knowledge there is no 15-ft bank at this location. Turning left at the by-pass and heading towards the college brings you onto a minor road with single carriageway in each direction. The most likely place that I can imagine for this sighting would be after the college, where there is an embankment leading to small-holdings on the left hand side of the road. I’d be really keen to hear from the witnesses exactly where the sighting happened. Epsom is an area with a lot of history, it’s quite possible that the area is frequented by a ghost of times gone by.

  •  Srsly dudes, look at the link I posted yesterday.

    Cryptomundo debunked the photo –it’s a werewolf costume from a movie.

  • For those who still think there’s no cover-up on UFOs on behalf of the US government:

  •  This is the same guy who also claims that he can re-create abduction experiences through his ‘dream research’.

    Pure crapola, IMO

  • Jared Martin

    “There is no EXIF Info associated
    with the picture. When I zoom in on the pixels they appear to be the
    same size throughout the image.” ~ Melissa HoveyOh geez, I know not everybody is that well versed with digital stuff but what is that trying to prove anyway? When are pixels ever different sizes? And EXIF info is just metadata tagged onto a file, you can add and remove any kind of data like that using free programs on the internet. I’d love to walk into some image analyses lab and hear someone say “well boss I inverted the image, then used Auto Contrast and blam! I can confirm that the robots in Transformers are not real!”

  •  oh yeah now I know who he is, that experiment was pretty laughable lol.

  • Alan Baker

    This may be the definitive article on Spring-Heeled Jack. May come in handy if you decide to cover any further sightings. 

  • Possibilianist G-gnome

    Wow, do you really think John is not set in his ways and the MU guys are….? Did you listen to the whole interview? 

    I am trying to be openminded about this but I have a hard time following John’s so called logic. I feel like we could argue the exact opposite for every point he makes. The cover up (to whatever extent) is designed is so guys like him can’t find out what is going on. That is how the compartmentalization works so well.  Dolan came with loads of evidence and it is obvious to me that the powers that be take this very seriously.

    As far as the documents being from another era. The main reason for this is because the rules have changed and the system is tighter than in the 40’s – 70’s. I don’t have the stats handly but I am sure that there are WAY more documents classified now than ever thus not being available through FOI.

  • Candiruphobe

    While it was interesting to listen to the debate, and undoubtedly Dolan has a lot of knowledge.  I really couldn’t get rid of the image of an annoying pre-teen going “Well what about this X, what about this Y, what about this Z huh? huh?” whenever they are trying to get something you don’t want to buy them.  

  • Ben whats the name of the track you used to end this show with?

    come one you know someone was going to ask!

  • Mark J

    Hi guys. Long LONG time listener. Like, episode one long 🙂 I remember how you’d have spooky stories and then LOUD FX AND MUSIC. Aaron told you this too when he joined 😀

    Anyway I live in the uk, in… Sheffield, so obviously I’m fully aware of the stocksbridge bypass. It’s notoriously haunted. Because of embankments built up at either sides if the road they’re higher than original surrounding roads and footpaths so many of the ghosts are seen from the waste up.

    You should check out an episode of Strange But True about the Bypass. It freaked me out.

  • Mark J

    Here you go. Strange But True:

  • Possibilianist G-gnome

    Thanks RPJ! I heard Grant mention his review a while back and totally forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder, I just finished it and it sums up just about everything I can think of. Fantastic points about what has been left out of the book.

    I love listening to my fellow Canadian, Grant Cameron…. Always packed with great info that just rolls off his tongue in his fast talking style. He fits in like 3 times the amount of data in a one hour interview. One of the reasons I like Dolan too. Probably my two favorite ufologists!

    I really hope that John Alexander is just stuck in his circular paradigm and it’s not something more sinister.

  •  If only Grant were to finally answer the question that has eluded me since I first heard of him:

    What brand of coffee does he buy and where can I get it??