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Episode 715 – Mysterious Universe

After discussing the upcoming SpaceX launch we speculate on the true purpose behind the yet be announced “Planetary Resources” firm. With backing from Google’s founders and James Cameron the group promises space exploration and “a new definition of natural resources”.

We also feature a new South Carolina Bigfoot witness who describes what he saw as a “chimpanzee turned Hulk” and Two Finnish skiers encounter disabling beams of light accompanied by a hook nosed, green clad entity.

Read on for show notes, music links and more.

SpaceX Launch: NASA Says Private Mission To ISS On Track For April 30 Lift-Off

Are Ross Perot Jr. and Google’s Founders Launching a New Asteroid Mining Operation?

Tracy Granger Claims She Used Telepathy To Save Herself When Trapped On Mountainside

Little boy lost finds his mother using Google Earth

South Carolina Man Details His Terrifying 1978 Bigfoot Encounter

Alien Abduction Experience – Bentham, UK

Two skiers encounter humanoid at Imjärvi, Finland

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Russian Tsar UFO Encounter

Visiting Another Time, Another Place In France

Difficulties in Spirit Communication Explained

Woman In Tight Dress Slips on Butter for Twenty Minutes, Calls It Art


Andrea – Work the Middle

Deft – Loqux & Past – Featured on MAYA JANE COLES DJ-KICKS [BUY NOW]

Nocturnal Sunshine – Meant To Be (Original Mix) via Vacay Wave

Ramadanman & Midland – More Than You Know via Indie Shuffle

Crazy P – Heartbreaker via Lemur Cattaka

You’ll Soon Know – Raise On via Harmless Noise


  • NTS

    Several times in your segment on the Finland alien encounter, you refer to George Adamski and other contactees as possibly influencing perceptions of the events. Note that the Finland events happened from 1970 onward. Adamski died in 1965, and most of the “Space Brother” contactee experiences took place in the 1950s. Possibly the boys had read some books or articles about these things, but I recall from my own reading at the time that the contactees were thought of as fringe kooks by most writers on UFOs.

  • Wilbert

    I.. Like.. …….Turtles..

  • Black Herring

    In the story of the “alien goblin” the UFO’s description sounds quite remarkably like the rendlesham forest incident.

  • Thanks for the Gnutella tip for surviving traveling on a shoe-string budget. It’ll come in pretty handy at the Paradigm symposium 😉

  • Butter Dance, the greatest mystery in all of the universe.

  • memohdzc

    Big foot seems to be very big in size, what do they eat? from a biological point of view, most big animals tend to be herbivores, but for big foot, the most probable eating behavior would be omnivore, with an inclination to plants. This is due to the food chain, there is a rule of thumbs that every trophic level decreases by 10% in energy harvested from the sun, so there is more energy in plants than in animals.