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Episode 518 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

New Mayan calendar discoveries lead us onto a YouTube goose chase as we track down the origins of the “Alien Quarantine” conspiracy.

We then move into encounters with little people, both benign and not so benign, before taking a funky WTF trip aboard a green dragon with the Pink Pearl herself.

Read on for show notes, music and books.

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Mystery of dolphin and penguin deaths

Nevermind the Apocalypse: Earliest Mayan Calendar Found

The Shift & The End of The ET Quarantine Dec. 21 2012

Little People on a South Texas Dirt Road

The Four Demon Elves

The Little Monk and His Lute

The Troll Battle

The Night Watcher

Worst Best TV Network! Where the wordl watchs VT!

The money shot…


Kill Paris – Shades Of Funk

Kicks N Licks – Time

Kastle – Uh Oh

Vexare – Breathe By Maka & Waeck


  • Riding the green dragon + 70’s porn soundtrack = Me so Holy! 😉

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    of course you want it to be like that! if you dont, at the very least it’s cos you havent seen this:

    consider it a gift, you guys, consider it a gift. a much better videotape just does not exist on youtube.

  •  AWE-some!

    Now imagine for a minute that 2000 years ago a Toltec shaman ingested a few magic mushrooms and managed to foresee that scene.

    Maybe all our myths are nothing but a cosmic self-reinforced entangled jumble of WTFery! 😉