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Episode 524 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

The terrifying robotic future in store for humanity is discussed on our Plus+ season closer before we look into classic French humanoid encounters.

Aaron shares with us an early 1900s tale of escape from dwarf like entities in Arizona and then we are joined by a special guest and 80’s channeling porn to close out the show.

Read on for show notes, music, and more.

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Mayan Mystery: Doc Financier Accused of Fleeing With Film Footage

Humanoid Robot Learns Language Like a Baby

New Robot Finger Out-Senses Humans

Scientists create ‘perfect’ pop song through natural selection

The Valensole Affair – Humanoid Mischief in 1965

Paranormal Magazine

Announcement of Higgs boson find imminent?

Excitement builds over Higgs data

I was told you guys would like my story (my x-post from r/UFOs)

The Science of Illusion

Roman jewellery found in ancient Japan tomb

The Buddha in Viking Sweden


Oceania – Postable via Head Under Water

Mixkings Records – Sunday via Phuturelabs

A Tribe Called Red – Electric PowWow Drum via said to gramophone

Opiuo – Wiggle Sticks via Waxhole


  • First off welcome aboard, Elliot! I’m looking forward to listening to more of your input in future MU episodes —I must confess that I’m also eager to find out whether you will turn out to have a bigger influence in Ben & Aaron’s skepticism, or the other way around 😉

    This instant-hit synthetic pop song produced solely through natural selection is kind of creepy, and instantly reminded of Orwell’s 1984, and how the music intended for the Proles was also automatically-produced. Nevertheless I’m skeptical, since I don’t think a machine could foresee the great number of random cultural incidents which directs the course of pop culture, including musical tastes.

  • Dave

    You guys nearly killed me with the “Gabby” bit. Welcome aboard Elliot and a great job of handling Ben’s mini break down 🙂

  • Animal

    Robots replacing human labor =’s massive unemployment and the continued demise of the middle class. I mean what else are we going to do for work? McDonald’s can only employ so many people – I suppose if everyone loses their job due to robots taking over then McDonalds may be all people can afford to eat so their ability to employ people will increase… Just think of it, McDonalds feeds everyone and everyone works at McDonalds. We just take terms serving the food and eating the food. We dont have to worry about making the food because the robots will have that covered. We will all just become greasy, corpulent puss-beasts feeding on the processed disease ridden food prepared for us by our … (wait for it) … robot overlords. Hmmm, bad idea in my opinion.

    Thanks guys, love the show.

  • I actually think that robot labor and customized production is the only thing that will put a stop to the pace of the great Red Dragon, if you catch my drift.

    A new third Industrial Revolution is about to begin, and where it takes us is anyone’s guess.