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Episode 723 – Mysterious Universe

Baltic Sea conspiracies emerge with details of hidden treasure before we look at new research on the secret life of plants.

Screen writer Marc Zicree & Director Neal Johnson then join us to discuss their exciting new Science Fiction film project and their massive Kick Starter success with ‘Space Command’.

Read on for show notes, movie links, and music.

Marc Zicree & Neal Johnson

Space Command Kickstarter

Pledge Space Command


Latest on the Baltic Sea UFO picked up on sonar by Swedish treasure hunters

We are more likely to die on our birthday than any other day

Scientists Confirm that Plants Talk and Listen To Each Other, Communication Crucial for Survival

Bail set after hitchhiker writing book on kindness shot near Glasgow

The Oatmeal

Space Command

IRL Shooter brings zombie FPS into the meatspace

Close Encounters of the Giant Kind


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A Touch of Darkness: Cemeteries and UFOs

1965 Washington Bean Field Humanoid Case

The Doctor outside

‘Perverted’ penguins shocked biologist so much he hid results


Commix – Burn Out (Fade Away) via ilictronix

Onra – L.O.V.E via Pigeons and Planes

Lunar Miasma – “Expanded Dimension” via Reviler

Booka Shade – Tomorrow Belongs To Us (Original Mix) via Stoney Roads

Tall Black Guy – Sparkling Adventure via Potholes In My Blog

Ghosting Season – Time Without Question via no fear of pop

Tomas Barfod – November Skies Feat via Yours Truly

Goose – Synrise Soulwax Remix via TMS

teenage mutants – out of time REMIXES PREVIEW

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  • 8×10 Monk

    Well Red Pill Junky, there wasn’t any time travel in Prometheus. Unless of course you consider they went back in time before the first Alien film to make this film. But that really isn’t back in time considering that even this film is set in the future. 

    Sssooooo what do I win??? 



  • Scott Corrales theory of MIBs as reanimated corpses is fascinating.

    Alas, Alex Proyas beat him to it

  • 8×10 Monk

    Well … in time. A clue – don’t waste your money on 3D. The only place it really made a difference is in the beginning scenes. But good visuals all the way through that didn’t require 3D.

    It’ll be interesting to hear your take on the film.

    Ben? Aaron? Is it down there yet?

  • Joe from NC

    You know, when you started with the Space Command Kickstarter campaign, I thought you guys really sold out. But after listening to the interview, I was so jazzed about the project I had to donate. That project sounds like so much fun! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  • It looks very promising, BUT –and I hate to be the troll in this story– I hope they do something about the general design of those space-ships.

    Maybe it’s just me, but the long wings and tail make them look a lot like normal airplanes, and I fear some people might see Space Command as a Scientology campaign :-/

    Besides, lifting a full-blown spaceship from the surface is just wasteful, not optimistic.

  • Pirvonen

    The birthday death phenomenon has been known from actuarial tables for decades. Nothing new there. Possibly there is some actually new information in the Ann.Epid. paper; in the Telegraph reporting there certainly is none.

  • Pirvonen

    Heat sinks. You need massive heat sinks to get rid of all that waste energy from the reactors an other engineering things.

    Geomantic sinks. The “wings” are actually structures that grab onto the underlying chirality of the space-time continuum to power the engines.

    The possibilities are endless. Engineering should not let prejudiced aesthetic sensibilities restrict the functional design.

  • 8×10 Monk

    Sorry, I’m in a little more agreement with RPJ. I can understand the need for wings to climb out of the atmosphere. As we’ve seen in our own designs of aircraft wings the length shown in the Space Command video is way too long and air conventional for breaking into space.

    Besides I’d hate to have to steer that damn thing to land on another planet. What if there’s power lines on Mars??? (Sorry, had to drag some knuckle.)
    On top of that reaching back into the 50s for designs and ideas of space travel for a current show? I can see it working for a nostalgic reason for a while but for longevity of a program like that … I guess I’ll just have to see it.

  • The guy writing a book on kindness actually shot himself and filed a false report to promote his book. It always gets weirder…

  • Ryan

    Hey what is the name of the last song in this podcast? It’s great and I can’t seem to find it.