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Episode 810 – Mysterious Universe

After briefly touching on a Ukrainian scientist’s claim that he’s discovered a pyramid “built at the time of the dinosaurs” we reveal the hallucinations experienced by sufferers of ‘Charles Bonnet’ syndrome and tackle the question that inevitably unfolds on the origins of consciousness. 

Micah Hanks and Scotty Roberts then join us for an update on their new co-authored project and the upcoming Paradigm Symposium before we eventually make our way to tales of Sasquatch abductions, baby snatching Werewolves, and flying Italian monks from WWII.

Read on for show notes, music, audiobooks, and more.

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Mysterious lights in sky over Burbage “drain phone batteries”

World’s oldest pyramid found in Crimea

What Hallucinations Reveal About Our Minds

Eye Spirits

New Dawn 134 (September-October 2012)

Origins of Consciousness

Paradigm Symposium • October 18-21, 2012

Baby-Stealing Werewolf

Audible Recommendations

I have everyone… Starting with me – Joan Rivers

Moon Shot – Dan Parry

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The train that went through my sister’s bedroom

Possessed By The Dark

Padre Pio Paranormal Man

Man fakes death to make sure girlfriend really loves him before proposing


Huess – Splash Pamela via ISO50

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Chief – Scanner Resurrection [BUY]

J:Kenzo – Invaderz [BUY]

VILLΛGE – Wanna Tell You via Music for Morons

heRobust – Bandana Pancakes via 92bpm

Lapti – Phat via

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  • 8×10 Monk

    Big Foot Question: Why aren’t there any good photos or videos of Big Foot?
    Answer: Big Foot is blurry!

  • Steve

    Holy smokes, I love Oliver Sacks! Ben & Aaron, you need to check out his book

    The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat: And Other Clinical Tales if you’ve never read it before, we covered it in one of our psych courses and you might get some great material for an episode.

  • Maybe that *is* the case. Maybe Bigfoot is like hairy version of Schrödinger’s cat, sans the box 😉

  • Craig

    GREAT Podcast! I’d seen the Oliver Sacks talk a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. Thanks for also pointing me to the Paul Devereux article. I honestly have been thinking about reality through the Veil of Perception a lot recently. Also just read Michael Talbot’s book the Holographic Universe. Not sure what to think about it all but all of these things definitely have me questioning the true nature of reality.

  • 8×10 Monk

    At that very moment … That would work also. I was thinking along the lines of looking through smeared Vaseline on glasses, that type of appearance. I do like your more scientific approach though.

  • Kent

    Why WOULDN’T your mind fill in the gaps with midget policeman!?