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Episode 2 – MU Paradigm Special 2012

We wrap up another superb day at the Symposium with reviews of all the speakers including the stars of Ancient Aliens Philip Coppins, Giorgio Tsoukalous, and more.

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  • Actually Aaron, your pronunciation of Teotihuacan might not be that far off, since modern linguists contend that in the ancient Nahuatl –the language used by the cultures settled in Mexico’s central valley, where Teotihuacan is located– you never put your accent in the last vowel, like we do nowadays with all these traditional names.

    So even though you can find how most people say Teo-ti-hua-CAN, in reality the correct pronunciation was Teo-ti-HUA-can, placing the accent in the penultimate vowel.

    One thing we always need to keep in mind though, is that Teotihuacan was NOT the original name of this city, which was already found abandoned by the Aztecs as they walked their way toward the center of Mexico’s valley. They were so impressed by it, that they were the ones who gave them this name, which can be translated as “the place where men turned into gods.”

    And, no matter what Philip Coppens said in his presentation, Teotihuacan was NOT built by the Mayas. On the contrary, we now know that the Teotihuacan city launched a military campaign to conquer the city states of the Maya, at the turn of the Mesoamerican Classic period.

    But I still liked his ideas about Atlantis, though 🙂

  • Him and his (not so) Ancient Alienettes 😉

  • Marie & Larry’s presentation was about their book This Book is From the Future. And it was really good, although I wish they had cut all the theoretical aspect a bit shorter. Call me shallow, but I’m not just into trying to understand the topology of the Multiverse according to String Theory at 10 am on a Sunday morning.

    Re. their other book, 11:11, I feel I will have no choice but to buy it ASAP, on account on that being the number of the room they gave me at the Double Tree –yep guys, it was THAT synchronistically intense for me and everybody else.

  • Soarixay

    I believe this one and the 3rd installment of your summary were the best. You guys gave us detailed information with an open mind and balanced reviews to all the guest speakers. I especially enjoyed how you detailed notes for use and included them in the run down. The best part was Benjamin’s bathroom story of ze German assistant. Thanks guys I’ll try to catch the next one and thank you red pill for the contributions.

  • You’re quite welcome ^_^

    I think I’ll try to write my own personal review of the Paradigm symposium for MU. Don’t know if I’ll do that before or after the Pills of the Week, though…