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Episode 3 & 4 – MU Paradigm Special 2012

Our 4th and final Paradigm Symposium special episode is now live (Ep3 has been in the feed for a few days) with a run down of the Symposium’s final day and our very first USA fan meet.

We have to say here that Scotty Roberts, Micah Hanks, and their people have put on a superb event. The quality of the speakers and the attendees was astounding and we are already planning our return trip to The Paradigm Symposium in 2013.

Plus+ members can find all four full length special episodes in their feeds or at the member’s site.

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  • A_Beam

    So did you have fun with the nude scanner? : D

  • I myself got so nervous the first time I went in one of these contraptions, because I forgot to unbuckle. So obviously the machine turned on, they asked me to step outside and a guy bigger than me gave me a pat down, while I kept saying how sorry I was. I was in such a hurry to collect my things and get dressed, that after I was on the train en route to gate E, I realized I forgot my cap I had bought on a Pearl Jam concert –you’re welcome, America. Hope you like it as much as I did.

    The customary rite of passage, I guess. Pardon the pun :-/

  • Ben Grundy: “Being advanced is turn the other cheek”


  • A_Beam

    Damn, that sounds nasty : ) It was enough for me to give them my fingerprints when i traveled to Japan and let them check my shoes . That was wicked.

  • Good to hear u made it safe great meeting you

  • Likewise, sir. Likewise 🙂