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Episode 815 – Mysterious Universe

Mystery Booms, doomed space jumps, and mobile death rays all get a look in before we discuss Newsweek’s latest cover story on a Neurosurgeon’s incredible near death experience.

We then revisit the return of the humanoids from Albert Rosales’ database and delve deeper into ‘Science and the Afterlife’ and global ley lines in our Plus+ extension.

Read on for show notes, music, books, and more.

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Official MU Fan Meets in Minneapolis & NYC

Felix Baumgartner’s ‘space jump’ scrubbed again due to bad weather

Stratos Remixed

The death-ray on wheels: US Army begins testing monster laser truck that can shoot down anything, including missiles

Mystery Boom Rattles NJ Community

More Sounds From Central Michigan, One of The Most Active Locations In The U.S.

Near-Death Experience on the Cover of Newsweek

Heaven Is Real: A Doctor’s Experience With the Afterlife

Audible Recommendations

Aaron – What Einstein Told His Cook: Kitchen Science Explained by Robert L. Wolke

Ben – The Hydrogen Sonata: Culture, Book 10 by Iain M. Banks

1989: Fall of the Iron Curtain / Return of the Humanoids – Part 3

1989: Fall of the Iron Curtain / Return of the Humanoids – Part 4

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Across the Coils of the Feathered Serpent

MAPA —Los Ovni y la Arqueología de México

Dragon Paths


Beyond the Rational – Matt Ridley – Zeitgeist 2012


Jorge Takei – The Clock via The House of Disco

Max Cooper – Gravity Well (Microtrauma Remix) via My Life Is Acid

Dot – Fuck U All the Time (Dot Remix) via Bizzies

Pále – Orchidea (Fat! Records) via ACIDTED

Simina Grigoriu – Boondocks via Simina Grigoriu – Boondocks

Midnight-Gerlactic (M83 vs Beastie Boys)

Stereoclip – Stereoclip (Opprefish remix) via Delicieuse Musique

Pablo Bolivar – Stand By (Original Mix) via EARMILK


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  • It’s interesting how prevalent Antonio Villas Boas’ alien sex partner is presented as a stunningly beautiful blond woman, though perhaps slightly short in stature. Yet in a Spanish magazine where a group of researchers narrated their trip to Brazil, in search of Villas Boas’ surviving family members, it’s mentioned how his sister described the ‘woman’ –based on what Antonio himself had told his relatives– as ‘ugly as a dog.’

    Picture the iconic being on Whitley Strieber’s Communion: add to her two ears, blue eyes instead of the all-black, and put her a blond wig as a final touch.

    Now, try to do the horizontal Mambo with that!

    And yet that was what surprised Antonio the most: that despite of this female lack of sex appeal, his own sexual urges were out of his normal control. Something that has become almost cliché in abduction accounts.

    That example of how people don’t know how to make a computer mouse was a brilliant example of how frail knowledge can be. It also reminded me of the fear NASA had a few years ago because they couldn’t find Apollo 11’s lost video tapes, and how it was a race against time since the machines which could ‘read’ the data stored in these special magnetic tapes were on the brink of breaking down —and there was just no way to repair them anymore.

    As for the idea that ancient pyramids might be able to store energy, well… a simple Google search will show you that the word ‘pyramid’ comes from the ancient Greek work πυραμίς (pyramis). A not-so-simple Google search will show you that pyramis can be translated as inner fire.

    So… food for thought 🙂

    PS: OMG, just one week until we meet at Paradigm. Squee! 😀

  • In the States, I believe that hitting a Gnome is not covered by your insurance if he’s wearing the pointed hat and thus was easily visible.

  • Warron

    When you were talking about the growth of Happy Science I’m surprised you didn’t mention their political party, the Happiness Realization Party. They’ve currently got one seat in the upper house of Japanese parliament.

  • Pirvonen

    Hallucination of enlightenment is not necessarily enlightenment.
    Conviction of “how it felt real” is not indication of it being real.

  • Speaking of HAARP; it was early this month
    that the town of Manchester Township in New Jersey was experiencing
    strange booming sounds from the sky with seemingly no definable source.
    And now we have this hurricane situation in that very region. Could
    there be a connection??

  • right,, great.. so in the skeptics mind then nothing is real. How do you even know your own life is real? Materialists always use their stunning logic to argue themselves into a corner.