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Official MU Fan Meets in Minneapolis & NYC

UPDATE: We’ve received some photos back from our photographer and have posted a few after the jump!

With our bags nearly packed and the Paradigm Symposium opening date fast approaching (get your tickets!), we thought it high time we let you know our plans for the coming weeks and the details of our fan meets. 

This Thursday’s MU (S08E15) will be our last free episode for October after which we will return to our regular schedule on Thursday the 1st of November.

Plus+ members are in for a treat as we will have our regular Plus+ episode next Monday, followed by up to 3 recordings over the weekend of the Paradigm Symposium (19th, 20th, 21st). The following week has us arriving back in Sydney on Friday (26th) and we hope to have even more exclusive audio and video shorts available to Plus+ members around that time.

Aaron and I are really looking forward to meeting our amazing fans and we will be updating this post with photos of each of us so you’ll finally be able to pick us out from the crowd!

Read on for all the info on our fan meets and thanks to everyone who emailed in their RSVPs. On that note we were using the RSVPs purely as an indication of numbers so if you didn’t manage to get yours in then please know you are still very welcome to join us on either date.

Above Pic: Ben

Minneapolis Meet


Sunday – October 21 – 7pm


The Lower Atrium
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Minneapolis – Park Place
1500 Park Place Blvd., Minneapolis, Minnesota


We will have a bar available with reasonably priced drinks but be sure to grab a bite to eat in the hour after the Paradigm Symposium.

New York City Meet


Tuesday – October 23 – 8pm til late


Randolph Beer
343 Broome st.
New York, NY 10013


They have an excellent menu with a huge selection of beer, wine, and tasty food.



  • alegriavida

    Can we see your pictures?

  • You guys are awesome! Fun time in NYC!
    But, no drinkable for the 18 year old “kids”. Yeah we’re kids here In America.. );

  • The photographer is taking shots this Friday so we should be able to update with pics on the Monday before we leave.

  • A nation where you can legally buy a beer three years after you can join the Army or get married.

    Ah qué Gringos tan locos, me cai!

  • ShaneTrain

    I would of figured that the symposium flyer would’ve had two spaces for Georgio. One for his fake baked face, the other for his odd hair. His hair matched with that odd orange hue is evident evidence of an ancient extraterrestrial visitation.

  • Christopher Rose

    Let hope all that time you and Aaron spent in the gym last year was worth it!

  • Not to mention all those green smoothies 😛

  • Yeah but I’m sure those 2 fans rock like pros 😉

  • Dave

    I have decided to exclude the green smoothies on the date of my flight to Minneapolis. 30,000 feet, higher vibrations, and mud butt don’t mix well 🙂

    Might bring a banana along for the flight…so I won’t miss my smoothie

  • That’s OK, I don’t drink alcohol either 😉 Last drink I had was in 2003

  • AMG BEN YOU LIKE MASS EFFECT? Thane’s that dude.
    We should try channeling one of his goddesses

  • Joe

    Looking forward tot eh NYC meet up! I already took the next day off.

  • Daniel

    Fan number 2 reporting for duty!

  • TJ

    Heck Yes we rock!

  • Ahh pictures!! How did I miss this?! You guys look so handsome! I can’t wait for the NYC meet up, I hope I have something for you guys to sign.

  • Steve Thompson

    OMG Ben you’re so young! Aaron, I pictured you as a long-haired surfer dude! when are you coming somewhere near the UK? I’ll buy you both a pint!

  • I love the pictures! Why’d it take you so long? You guys are photogenic!

  • Larry Greenwell

    You guys look nothing like I expected any of you to appear! Interesting.Have fun this side of the globe!!

  • are you guys going to the ‘vip cocktail party’ on saturday night?

  • Zkombe

    Aww, I was hoping you guys would have guns and neat hats…

  • Joe

    Alright another NYC meet-up’er! See ya Tuesday!

  • Jery

    I’m a fan since very long – since when Ben was doing it alone. Imagined You guys looking different – Aron is a biggest surprise 😉 – Great Great Podcast I wish you all the best and hope you have a good time. If you ever come over to Dublin Ireland give me a shout.

  • Zorg from Uranus

    Greetings I come from deep within Uranus, transmissions shall proceed in due time

  • It was fun sitting at dinner with you Aaron and Elliot at the Paradigm Symposium! Enjoy the rest of you time in Minneapolis…Travis and Natasha

  • He’s a Reptilian!!!!!!!

  • Thanks, amigo. You tha man!

  • You know, I wasn’t the only Mexican at Paradigm! I met Philip and his dad, and they *really* know how to party –they even brought a guitarra to the hotel 😉

  • Now that you point it out…YES!