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Episode 701 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

The incredible power of Placebo treatments is shown yet again on this show with new research that breaks new ground for health care. 

We also feature some highly bizarre Men in Black like encounters from the 19th century before exploring new abductions accounts, albino creatures stalking the woods, and quantum language from the self proclaimed King of Hawaii.

Read on for show notes, music, and book links.

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Colour of crockery can influence taste

The Placebo Phenomenon

The Men in Black: Two 19th-century Accounts

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 10.02.09 PM

A Sulpha Pill

The baffling stories of alien abductions

The Quebec UFO encounter

White Creature in the Woods

Cousins possible demon experience?

Man With 200 IQ On The Takeover Of The World: Video Documents The Dangerous Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know

‘Messiah-like figure’ is doing own harvesting


Damu – If You’ve Got Nothing To Hide via TRUANTS

Jacques Greene – Arrow via brooklyn Vegan

Charles Murdoch – Borna via Last Gas Station

Ragnar Dagur – Alright via Indie Shuffle

Vanilla – Better With U [BUY]

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  • what would have happened if the doctor said the placebo would do nothing to help them rather than saying that a placebo can be helpful? Saying it could be helpful even if it was just a sugar pill still holds the power of suggestion and such.

  • There are studies that show how people wearing white lab coats are perceived as more trust-worthy than those wearing regular clothes. So the placebo effect is greatly influenced by our perceptions of authority –which is probably the reason why Aaron prefers to be treated by senior MDs 😉

  • I have read those studies also and agree that older MDs seem like they are more trustworthy, though when you have a MD that is too old and seems to have some sort of dementia a younger one might be preferred 🙂

  • LOL that’s almost like the plot of Doctor Hollywood 😉

  • I am not familiar with Doctor Hollywood but will become so. In regards to lab coats I also remember reading how people actually do better on tests and such when wearing a lab coat. If they were told is was just a painters smock they didn’t do as well.

  • Great show as usual. Speaking of Ohio ghost stories, in the 1980s I dated a woman whose family owned some of the land associated with our local haunted “orphanage” site in Lorain County. Aptly named, the Gore Orphanage legend is based mostly on inaccurate information about an orphanage that burned to the ground with many of the youngsters still inside. On the night of a full moon you are suppose to hear the terrified children wailing. Having grown up next to a graveyard and never seen anything supernatural in my life I REALLY wanted to experience this phenomenon. Sadly, nothing to report other than one night (when I wasn’t there) everyone was awoken by a strange lights an noise from outside… Leslie’s dad grabbed his shotgun and charged out the front door. No spooks to be seen, but a carload of local kids driving around and around the house in a vain attempt to call forth ghosts with all their ruckas. Two shotgun blasts into the air altered them to the fact that a 6’2″ grumpy old dude in pajamas had a gun. Off they went.

  • John

    catching up on these shows now, i agree with Aaron, “Glass Coke” is hugely superior!