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Episode 901 – Mysterious Universe

We return for our first show of 2013 and a brand new season of strange and wonderful content to fill your hungry ears!

Tsunami bombs, Russian Chupacabras, and Ascension 20xx updates get us warmed up for some of our favorite classic tales of modern day dinosaur sightings. We then head into more familiar territory with chilling shadow people encounters and fresh past life regressions.

Read on for show notes, music, and books.

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Tsunami bomb, a rival for nuclear weapons, was tested by U.S., New Zealand: archived secret files

Military archives show NZ and US conducted secret tsunami bomb tests

Mission to Mars Could Mess With Your Brain

Fake mission to Mars leaves astronauts spaced out

Five Key Characteristics of an Astronaut

Traces of Chupakabra in the russian city Emanzhelinsk


Encounters with black shadows, including a ~7-foot one with red eyes.

Vale Philip Coppens (1971-2012)

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Mystery in Shoshone National Forest


I am a cardiac surgeon, part of my job is to harvest hearts from living organ donors. AMA

My Son Remembers Dying In the Navy From a Shark Bite

Died From a Plague

Siberian Doctors Use Sticks to Literally Beat Drug Addiction

Audible Recommendations

Aaron – The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout

Ben – Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story


Handbook – Day To Day (Thank You)

My Nu Leng – Elite

Vanilla – Rashida

Dosage – Bring it Back

Vanilla – Azure

Todd Terje – Inspector Norse (Original Mix)

Mala – Calle F

S O H N – The Wheel (MAU Remix)

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  • Michael Lala

    That would be cool if we got knocked into a different dimension with an asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. Lol now Rex pops in and out munching on our kangaroos without knowing it is time slipping xD

  • possibilianist G-gnome

    Hey Guys. Welcome back after Months!!
    It was good to hear you chat about the Global Consciousness Initiative… Which may be now called Global Coherence initiative. I may have missed the link about what you were discussing and the GCI but maybe I was just expecting you to get deeper into the GCI and then Heartmath. Would love to hear you guys get into that again one day. I think there is some great stuff going on with them and It’s not too New Agey or Vibratory for you guys!!

  • The discussion about the perfect profile of an astronaut reminded me of 2001: A Space Odyssey, and how Dave Bowman & his companion Frank Poole seemed so cold & almost devoid of emotion –the part that for me was harder to understand as a boy was how seemingly calm & detached Bowman is when he goes out to retrieve the lifeless body of Frank, after Hal murders him.

  • JahaRa

    So the message about ascension is exactly the same as the 80’s and the 90’s and after 2000. LMAO! The date is on track or set back or what ever. They are most likely asking for money and need to keep selling crap to idiots.

  • JahaRa

    I just listened to the end of the plus part of this episode. Maybe the spanking can work for a few people. My cousin and an aquaintance both joined scientology and had to spend time in the detox community. They had to run for an hour everyday, then they had to be counseled and after lunch more physical exercise, then a steam. Physical activity does trigger endorphins and when they both came out of that detox they were much more able to function, though both of them ran away from dianetics and scientology swearing that they would come back when they were rich because they did not want to sell books for the rest of their lives and be the lowly of the low. Neither of them ever went back nor did they become rich. My cousin just joined the morman church after her next drug binge and now that is the one she goes back to over and over after every year or two of drugs. The Mormon church is just as weird as the scientology but the support system.

  • McCarty13

    Come on!!! your missing the obvious. Children with appendicitis. The appendix is one of those things we don’t need and can live without. Part of our evolutionary past…therefore dinosaurs.