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Episode 907 – Mysterious Universe

After mopping up all the 5D energy from the Russian asteroid we look at new reports of Spontaneous Human Combustion and our future biological integration with technology.

Odd looking mannequin-like humanoids are then encountered in multiple reports which plays nicely with tales of Clay Golems from ancient China in our Plus+ extension.

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  • I am currently still involved in a great mystery. a wheel to my desk chair fell off and I have looked for it for months and have never found it. I assume a gnome borrowed it to help him move some stuff around where he lives and I will find it in the fridge or something someday when he returns it.

  • just start recording the paranormal activity and itll disappear

  • Omg… Mannequins… Nope! *throws arms in the air* I’m done!

  • Joe Q

    If the asteroid was a turtle in its shell, Gamera is DEAD. Godzilla can rest easy.

  • Candiruphobe

    Hrm, they don’t have Indian burialgrounds in Australia do they?

  • Joe Q

    3D printers will soon be able to print themselves,