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Episode 908 – Mysterious Universe

We start with more news on our bionic future with EEG tattoos and super hero suits before moving into the 2018 Mars mission announcements, Sasquatch masks, and Darpa’s top secret automatic poisoned mouse guns.

The Chupacabras then makes a triumphant return and in the Plus+ extension we join John Keel in his search for the grinning man.

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  • The Guam plan: What could go wrong?

  • PS: Also, please be sure to give us an update of all the hate mail Aaron’s gonna receive from scorned Indian space enthusiasts :3

  • Mrs. Eccentric

    “….intermediate place where you go to wait….”

    Very interesting observation, Aaron, as i’d been thinking that the beautiful garden/forest spot in that NDE report sounded much like ‘The Park’ in Robert Monroe’s out of body experiences.

    According to what he was told, Monroe said The Park was created by humans long, long ago as a place where the newly dead can come to meet others (relatives, people in similar professions or with similar philosophies, etc.) who will help them with the next stage of their experience. Even better, given your and Ben’s subsequent discussion, various people have created different spaces according to their own inclinations in this focus/plane/dimension/state of consciousness (Monroe goes a few times to visit a deceased pilot friend who made a gorgeous island beach with cabin, and sees a deceased medical doc friend in a ‘clinic’). So could be you can look forward to visiting ‘your place’ again.

    Even tho this guy’s experience is not the stereotypical NDE, he still has the OBE and experiences a very bright light. I’ve found this to often be the case, where experiences that seem completely out of the mould actually still have some features which are more expected. steph

  • Candiruphobe

    Ask Hawaii about their Mongoose problem…

  • Ben I found an even clearer shot of Bigfoot – I can’t belive you guys missed this one:

  • Gold. Pure gold 🙂

  • Zomby Woof

    Those EEG tatoos you talked about. That’s something predictin in sci-fi. They’s in the books Pandora’s Star/Judas Unchained by Peter F. Hamilton. Only they called them OCC Tatoos. In the stories they are embedded in your skin like ink tatoos, but they provided electronic/radio links.