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Episode 916 – Mysterious Universe

With the release of Sirius we give our review of the documentary along with discussion on the DNA results from the ATA humanoid. We then look at NDEs once again in the mainstream press in addition to a Police officer’s Bigfoot encounter in NY and the secretive Hongza black list in Hong Kong. 

Humanoids and MIBs then make an appearance in the Plus+ extension right after we cover the latest Chupacabra sightings from Puerto Rico.

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  • perhaps the various descriptions in Chupacabra sightings is a difference in gender or age. Maybe the females have wings, the males don’t and, the children are the spikey ones. Reports that are all exactly the same can be more suspicious. It would be hard to find any life form that every member looks exactly the same.

  • Cryptid polymorphism? That’s actually a very interesting idea!

  • thanks rpj, I actually ran away with the idea and came up with a whole crytozoological idea of how they live and breed. I tend to get carried away 🙂

  • There’s also the assumption that there’s only the one kind of Chupa. There’s hundreds of species of spider or cricket, why not several species of chupacabra?

  • MoTown Missile

    a howitzer is not a machine gun! what would you expect from people who cannot drive on the right side of the road

  • azzwright

    I meant artillery. Thanks for pointing that out with a veiled insult…

  • rudeboi

    very good thoughts

  • We had a copy of that Brad Steiger book when I was a kid, and the cover image scared the crap out of me. Just seeing it right now is giving me the biggest case of the willies that I’ve had in a long time.

  • EnderWiggin

    If you somehow run into your doppelganger and make out with them…would that be considered as masturbation?

  • Still cant believe a cop saw a “bigfoot” and didnt shoot it

  • Bordering on incest –which is still forbidden on 8 of the 11 known dimensions 😛

  • I just saw Sirius and I have to say, I didn’t find it “disappointing” at all, nor did I find the results of the creature to be a let-down.

    Never mind that the DNA mostly matched up with a human female. That’s not surprising when you consider the (apparently) massive inter-breeding project that has gone on since before antiquity.

    It was 7 years old and 6 inches tall, fer chrissakes (!) That’s not simply a birth defect. Even the specialist at Stanford said at the end, (paraphrasing here), “There is more that I’d like to say, but I can’t”.

    To the contrary, I found the results to be very compelling.

    Finally, yes, it was like 4 or 5 documentaries rolled into one. And yes, it will turn some viewers off, unfortunately. But, Ben and Aaron, I think you miss the bigger point. This is more than just a story about UFO’s: It’s about the human species on the verge of making a quantum leap forward. The ETs are just one part of it.

    My impression is that ECETI is out there in the desert ringing bells, burning nag champa and meditating because consciousness (as much as you dislike that word) IS the Final Frontier.

    ESP, remote viewing, meditation, etc. etc. are all the next stap in our evolution, and Greer is using this as a vehicle to speed up the process of first contact.

    I thought it made perfect sense.

  • I do agree that consciousness is a big piece of this whole UFOlogical puzzle. That doesn’t make the viewing of gratuitous appropriation of Tibetan paraphernalia any easier 😉

    And let’s face it: Greer has all the elements of a would-be cult leader. Who’s to say he’s not the one ‘manifesting’ those weird lights they see with night vision?

    So it’s not that I disliked the documentary –I didn’t– but I guess one of the problems I had with it is that I didn’t know who it was exactly aimed to. If it was aimed to ‘noobies’ who don’t know much about UFOs, then I think including all the New Age stuff would be a little off-putting. And if it was aimed to seasoned UFO buffs, then the film didn’t actually provide anything new –with the (very) notable exception of the Ata humanoid.

  • I agree, RPJ. They could have taken the opportunity to make the doc “UFO’s 101” and it would have appealed to a wider audience.

    There are a few people I would like to show it to, but because of the desert scenes, I hesitate. These are God-fearing Christians and would be turned off by the apparent new age “cultish-ness”, as you say.

    “UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record”, would be perfect for this.

  • I would then suggest Paul Kimball’s UFOs: Best Evidence, or James Fox’s Out of the Blue

  • If all of the conspiracy is true (and this isn’t going to be the most popular opinion), the REAL reason that we as a society are being held back is because every person that has made a significant discovery has tried to patent for monetary gain, thereby GIVING it to the patent office, which is part of the “US” government. (BTW, which is not the real, intended United States of America for Freedom, it’s perverse derivative acting as.)

    DON’T DO THAT. Keep it close. With that kind of power, you don’t need money. You will change our society beyond the monetary, candy-coating, right down to the chocolatey/nugat center to be whatever center you want it to be. Make technology so advanced it’s scary. Make a society like in Atlas Shrugged and remake human history; uphold a real country of freedom.