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Episode 719 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

Ancient African coins discovered on an Australian beach lead experts to question the origins of the earliest explorers to our shores. This then sends us on a quest to discover the most bizarre artefacts the continent has to offer including lost cities populated by white giants. 

Hybrid children are then encountered before we discuss shamanism and wereleopards in Africa.



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  • So I had the Power Animal page open on my browser while listening to you guys, then something come up here at the office & suddenly I clicked on the image by accident.

    And I got the OWL.


  • MrG

    Hi Guys,

    Im a new listener and the plus episodes are brilliant – if also somewhat disturbing!

    The Chinese discovery of Australia, America and pretty much the rest of the world – before anyone else gets out of bed – is documented in the book “1421 – the year China discovered The World” by Gavin Menzies. The Australia evidence is list here …–-west-coast/

    The book is a really interesting read , particularly the section that describes the first Jesuit Priests to America getting greeted in Chinese by the Native American Indians !! The last rather large section of the book lists all the evidence that the Author claims to be in support of the books findings. A google search seems to show an equal split of those who agree and those that dont!

    As a parent, the story of the unborn child getting taken is right up there on the things-the-have-freaked-me-out list (right next to any mention of “The Gjinn”)

    And Finally………..

    – I am a Lion, hear me roar!!

    Keep it up guys.

    Mr G

  • Lucky! I got stuck with the Lioness! Haha

  • Hey man, that’s way cooler than the male lion! All those slackers do is eat, sleep & f– hmm, on second though, it does suck to be you 😛

  • Ben Dowell

    I got the camel. Creative and self-reliant. So, right on. Of course, clicking on the same spot in the pic time and again got a different animal each time.

    I am the seagull. People fear my horrible screech.

    I am the seagull. I will steal your food. You can’t stop me.

    I am the seagull. Like the pigeon, I am a flying rat; that smells like low tide.


  • Enlightenment: MINE! MINE! MINE!

  • Whisperer

    Awesome episode today guys! I think I rememeber you mentioning a while ago that you were working on a reccomended reading list (I could be wrong) I was wondering if you had one or if it was in the making? Definitely going to get a copy of ‘Children of the Greys’!

    The Squirrel has chosen me! So my money worries are over; apparently he’s going to take care of it for me.

  • Dilly

    Great show guys!! I was listening at work on my headphones,and had a really hard time not laughing out loud with all the “power animal” craziness, amazing!!
    ps im a bloody squirrel…pfft

  • candiduscorvus

    I got a freakin eagle.

  • erin_ridgeway

    I got a giraffe. Which actually IS my spirit animal, oddly enough. Nope, no way that’s a coincidence. Power Animals Unleashed knows what’s up.

  • Luke Cliff

    Hi Guys, Great show ! Just thought you might want to look up Mulkas cave in relation to your giants story of ancient Australia.

    It’s an Aboriginal story about a woman who was forbidden to associate with a race of people nearby. She ignored the warning and had a baby with one of the members. The baby grew up to be a giant with crossed eyes – named Mulka. Because of his crossed eyes the legend told Mulka couldn’t throw a spear and was outcast. Mulka had trouble getting food so he turned to stealing kids that walked near the cave and eating them.

    I went to view the cave recently and the hand prints are great. Some worried me a little, having huge sizes some didn’t look right at all having very long elongated fingers. In the cave is an altar like stone and drawings and prints all over the roof of the cave.