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10.11 – MU Podcast

With Area 51 being the most famous “secret” base on the planet, Mack Maloney returns to MU to take on us a trip around the world to hunt down the world’s lesser known (but more intriguing  secret and forbidden locations. From the mountains of Russia to the deserts of Iraq, we look at the links between UFO activity and possible military installations.

Also featured is Google’s entry into the burgeoning new rejuvenation industry, anomalous zones in Russia, and bi-locating Nuns!

Mack Maloney

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  • Aaron rulz!!!!!

  • Daniel Daniel

    The story on the Russian zone made me think of a story I heard while staying in Japan with a friend of mine who was living there. Apparently it is a common belief by the locals about the forest surrounding the foot of Mount Fuji, similar to the stories about the Russian zone. It is said that in this forest, there is some disturbance in the magnetic field that destroys cell phone reception and makes compasses just spin in a circle. People have gone into this forest, but no one has ever come out. The local belief behind this is that the yakuza (Japanese mafia) has its headquarters there, ergo the disappearances of all those venturing into the forest. I say this in order to point out that there may be many places across the world that have this same magnetic phenomena. And due to magnetic effects on the brain, there may be similar stories regarding this forest and other areas. I have never found information on this on the Internet (although I did not try very hard) but te belief seemed to be common amongst the locals in Japan. Thanks and love the show

  • defyentropy

    As I saw Elysium before my adult children, I described it – “a documentary of the near future”.

    Don’t count all of us “old folks” out when it comes to new ideas or emerging science & technology. You’re never too young or too old to start promoting telemere health & viability.

    Reason is the guardian that too easily becomes a guard endlessly running interference against new information.

  • There’s La Zona del Silencio (the zone of silence) here in northern Mexico. They say the magnetic compasses behave oddly, and that even Werner Von Braun came once to investigate it, using the crash of one of his Los Alamos rockets as an excuse.

  • Karson

    Something I found interesting. When you were talking about the M Triangle and people feeling the need to take clothes off, such as their shoes, this reminded me a lot of the accounts from the book by David P. in “Missing 411.”

  • stuck in Alabama

    I love you guys but I cannot find the picture of the Asian lady with the huge cotton ball cat so you said it was on the note 2 episode 10 .1 1 it was not there it was of your casual Friday YouTube video I love it next time I’m going to shoot a confetti cannon ball at you when I can’t find something K bugs now I’ve got to go through every picture of a white cat on the internet for my wife thanks guys love this show

  • J. Ross

    As the conversations of indefinite life and transhumanism continues I want to recommend a fictional short story titled “The People of Sand and Slag”. While it is fictionalized it touches in a profound way on many of the issues Arron discusses about the implications of extending life and corporate control. Great back and forth on this subject. I look forward to hearing more.

    Also, I haven’t gotten “the chills” listening to the podcast in sometime. The story you read from the listener this week was quite spooky. Made me look over my shoulder for the remainder of the evening.

  • Nice spotting!

  • R. Allen

    Loved the interview, and the section about the M. Triangle in Russia. Some of the high strangeness taking place there, the triangle stone formations with their odd effects on instruments, and the inexplicable nausea induced in some people…a lot of that sounded very similar to phenomena reported in the area around the Tunguska Event, and the “Cauldrons” in Siberia.

    As for people spending their entire retirement savings purchasing debased 2nd/3rd world currencies based on the “financial advice” from a woman claiming to channel the Archangel Michael who apparently is pushing a “faith-based long-view investment portfolio”…..think of it as evolution in action.