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10.23 – MU Podcast


The dark traditions of Christmas, along with its Roman origins, are discussed this week with debauchery, drunken revelry and the return of Krampus.

We also explore strange tales from Pennsylvania, deadly super volcanoes and the Hair Care industry’s secret plan to control the world.

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  • Kenny Scott

    an alternative to the theory presented on today’s show regarding the origin of Christmas being celebrated on the 25th. In short, the date of Christmas was decided based on the date of the celebration of the conception of Christ, March 25th. 9 months later you have a baby on December 25th.

  • The Ted

    Seriously though, what is up with those cheap bitches?

  • Benjamin Grundy

    And why are they always eating McDonalds?

  • chefjas

    The most fascinating finding to date of the global consciousness project was the huge, anomalous spike in connection with 911. The weird part? The spike happened 20 minutes BEFORE the first plane hit the WTC.

  • David


    You almost understate the amount of content available in Plus. It’s not just an extension look at the show lengths – roughly speaking a plus subscription gets you about 3x the amount of content. It’s enough to fill up my walks to and from work all week!


  • John
  • Mickles

    Boys, let’s keep Professor X in XMAS

  • nuvee

    Great episode. And here I am, camped out at a busy intersection under a stinky cowhide, wearing Harry Potter cosplay, staring at an axe and weirding out some passing churchgoers. Because I really really would like an Oculus Rift.

  • Brian Smith

    Loved the episode! Not sure if this was in the book you guys read or not but other origins of Santa as well as receiving presents from him can be attributed to the Norse god Odin, who would visit children and give them gifts. He was noted as coming through the chimney as well, who Santa probably stole the idea from. He would leave presents for the children in their tiny viking boots (how adorable). He’d often ride on Sleopnir, his eight legged horse, which in America was turned into eight reindeer instead (I guess early Americans weren’t metal enough for eight legged horses). Another interesting fact about Santa is the fat, jolly, pudgy man in the generic red clothing we see now is often attributed to American Illustrator J.C. Leyendecker, who created this version of Santa for advertising as well as the Saturday Evening Post.

  • Lyn

    I just want to concur with the comment from one of your callers that listening to other podcasts makes me really appreciate the production quality and the work that you guys do.

  • Brandon Williams

    Hey Ben, how can I find this audio playlist you are talking about? Where do I search?

  • Beth Barry

    Interestingly, tonight’s episode of Grimm was the very festive “Twelve Days of Krampus” !

  • funkmon

    Yep. That’s all true, but it was likely Wodin, the standard germanic version of Odin that spawned father christmas, who was a fat fellow wearing a santa suit, except it was green or blue.

  • funkmon

    The most fascinating part to me is the total cherrypicking of the data, and yet it’s still reported. For every spike that happens near a major event, there are major events that go unspiked, and there are spikes that happen correlating to almost nothing at all.

    I just really don’t like it very much, because it sounds so convincing otherwise, like with the 9/11 thing.

  • funkmon

    Not a big fan of the Raden study. I’m not a psychologist,so I might be way off here, but it looks like the biggest jump was in the placebo enhanced group. And it’s not close either. The tiny jump in the placebo controlled group is noisy, small, and to an extent, almost deleterious in one day. The effect size is minimal. This can be seen compared to the placebo group.

    If the effect is not bigger than placebo, then it’s not an effect.

    Yet, they actually average these two results in the end, counting the placebo in with the placebo controlled arm saying it has a net positive effect. This, to me, is an all right study, though a little too small for my liking, but the interpretation of the data is too overzealous. Let’s see it replicated.

  • funkmon

    Oh, and yeah. I read the source website about Christmas history, but I feel like it left a lot out and oversimplified the story, relying too much on Saturnalia, and used “pagan” handwaving, like in the bits about Christmas trees, and so on. Their history is quite well documented. I assume the book went into more detail. I’m going to buy it as it seems very interesting.

    I’ve also never seen those images before. I love them so much! Especially the text on the coffee ads.

  • The Ted

    5 Guys all the way. With large cajun fries.

  • nuvee

    Plus up, folks. And get thee to a 5 Guys.

  • Linda Wolvek

    Yellowstone not Yosemite (as you stated) is location of super volcano!

  • azzwright

    Slip of the tongue in the excitement of doom porn! Thanks for the correction.

  • azzwright

    Slip of the tongue in the excitement of doom porn! Thanks for the correction.