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11.03 – MU Podcast


The positive conclusions of new LSD studies, and tempting Iboga themed Costa Rican resorts, leads us into a discussion on the future impact psychedelics will have on our modern society.

We also feature a new edition of Janet Bord’s collection of ‘Real’ encounters with Fae folk, furry uninvited humanoids, and the alternative history timelines from very left of field.


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  • IMO we should be mindful of wishfully thinking how the moment psychedelic substances are finally legalized, every single malady in the planet will be cured, wars will stop & the skies will be filled with flying unicorns shooting rainbows out of their asses.

    Graham Hancock’s 1st fictional novel War God is a cautionary tale, of how even cultures which wholly embraced psychedelics were ALSO fully engaged in slavery, human sacrifice & conquer.

    The use of drugs is in amplifying what is already inside the human soul. If the soul is filled with darkness, then the drugs will turn you into a monster –Manson family, anyone?

  • terryhjones

    jabber like that from the hippie about the iraq war is typical of the reasons the stuff has such a bad rep here in the states. that sort of blather is only slightly removed from concern over our vibrations and taking our conscious to the 6th level or something, and who is their right mind wants to move *out* of their right mind if you wind up sounding like that?

  • Kath

    I am still not sure why the revelations people experience while under the influence of drugs (while they can be very theraputic or useful in effecting change in the life of the person concerned) are considered to be spiritual or “higher level” in the first place. Loads of people just see weird shit that isn’t helpful. Some people see bad things that might lead them to undesirable behaviours. So no, I don’t think that legalisation would have induced a utopian society.

    It certainly never has in the past! people have behaved like people whether they had shamans or universal access to physchedelics or not.

    He’s basically saying “everything would be better if everyone was just like me”, which is why other kinds of religion become problematic..

    I mean, lots of people would still reject drugs if they were available and culturally normal. Does he plan to enforce it?

  • Sean

    “Through the Gateway of the Heart” was another amazing book on the subject of “psycho-spritual therapy” experienced in controlled sessions where subjects were given MDMA. My favorite case was a couple on the verge of divorce who were so bitter and hostile toward one another that they could barely stand to be in the same room together. After a session with MDMA, the psychotherapist conveyed that approximately 6 months to a year of therapy was achieved in just under 6 hours. The experience tempered each partner’s resentment and focused on ’empathy’ and thus gave way to a healing experience that lasted long after the experience with the drug ended. In the book, the couple ended up leaving the session in tears, in each others arms and eventually building a clearer understanding of each other’s feelings, thereby avoiding divorce altogether. Compelling if nothing else, and there are dozens of similar cases I’ve read in the several years after I read that book.