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11.05 – MU Podcast


Avery Morrow joins us on this episode as we venture deep into the legends of ancient Japan and uncover some of the suppressed secret texts of the nation’s mythology in ‘The Sacred Science of Ancient Japan: Lost Chronicles of the Age of the Gods’.

NDE discussions are also featured with the upcoming ‘Heaven is for Real’ film and we finally discover “who was phone”.

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Avery Morrow Interview

The Sacred Science of Ancient Japan: Lost Chronicles of the Age of the Gods


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  • R. A.

    Ninja *ahem* Jesus could never have been defeated by mere Western bombs.

  • paul

    This is one of the best MU podcasts I have heard after about a year of listening. The cultural difference in NDEs is thought provoking. The scholarship of Mr. Morrow is inspiring.

  • chefjas

    I don’t take a young man’s description of sitting on the lap of Jesus as extraordinary. Many people have described NDEs that correlate with their beliefs. Even though the child was young, he was raised in an obvious Christian household and was probably exposed to the concept of Jesus at a young age. Maybe death and our life after is as portrayed in the Robin Williams film, What Dreams May Come where one’s afterlife is created from one’s perception of what the afterlife should be. Could explain the “hellish” experiences as well, particularly if one conducts themselves in life like Grundy. (-:

  • Shaun

    I swung by the studio. You guys weren’t there, but Aaron’s car was on the front lawn.