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  • After I finished writing the Daily Grail’s News Briefs, I officially began my long weekend last Thursday by watching a movie I’d heard of for a while, but only torrented recently; The Last Wave (1977)

    I recommend it to anyone interested in the idea of global catastrophes, ancient mysteries & the psychic powers of Australian aborigines. My synchromystic sensor tells me this film contains a piece of a larger puzzle.

  • Agent

    Understanding how granite forms, and when, is very important when
    considering its occasional geometric shapes. If you take a look at some
    columnar basalt formations, those hexagonal columns that form due to the
    way the molten rock crystallizes, you can see that what could initially
    thought to be hand-hewn stone, is actually just a natural process.

    of the granite found in australia is incredibly old, between 1.8 and
    2.4 billion years old, giving erosion, weathering, and fracturing plenty
    of time to work these stones.

    My point here is that these
    blocky, geometric stones are likely to be naturally occurring, but
    that’s not to say they weren’t deliberately placed where they are found
    today. They may have been moved, stacked and positioned by ancient
    people for the exact same reason we take an interest in them: they
    appeared to be ideal shapes and sizes for construction, and ones that
    happened to be near-perfectly symmetrical pyramids would have been quite
    rare and therefore highly regarded or valued as ornamental or for some
    other purpose. There’s no shortage of granite on earth, and while hiking
    I often come across granite blocks which appear to be almost perfect
    cubes, triangles or hemispheres. It’s likely that aboriginal people did

    So just because a group or culture finds, moves and stacks
    geometric stones, does not imply they had the technology to actually cut
    these stones. They are more likely to just be “Happy Accidents”, but as
    always, any further evidence to the contrary would be very interesting.

    I’ve included links on the formation of granite and historical use of granite outcrops by Australian Aboriginals below:

  • FalseParadigm

    In reference to the first story, which category did he fit?

  • I’m sorry. The telepathic dream studies are blowing my mind. I can understand how it would be a useful evolutionary tool. We fall asleep meditating on the issues at hand (ourselves or our loved ones) and have our subconscious problem solve all night long. One would assume that whether we make a conscious effort to interpret the metaphors present in our dreams or not, the dreams are probably affecting our outlook in a way that benefits us.

    What’s really getting me worked up is that the modern relationship with celebrities and the media is probably throwing our dreams all out of whack. Are obsessed fans everywhere staring at pictures of their favorite actors before bed and then telepathically dreaming about those celebrities’ personal lives without realizing it? It seems like our mind’s perceived relationship with people we don’t actually know could really throw a wrench in dream analysis.

    I vote you post some fresh photos of the MU team so that we can all try to dream about your problems. I’m not sure if the study addressed the issue of distance from the subject, but it’d be fun to see if we could get at you from the US.