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11.20 – MU Podcast


Ancient technology paired with new nano inventions gets us started this week before we make our into the military achievements of remote viewing, alien sightings in Thailand, and underground bases in Australia.

Our Plus+ extension has more from the Blue Mountains triangle along with new End of Life experiences and Near Death phenomena.


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  • John Stringer

    Do you think the recent military coup in Thailand is actually the beginning of a 2-foot tall alien invasion?

  • When discussing remote viewing, you guys mentioned how the then leader of the program suffered a kind of ‘psychic attack.’ That immediately reminded me of the things Nick Redfern touched upon on his book Final Events; on how the secret group that tried to get in contact with the non-human entities made use of psychics, and these poor bastards all died of horrible hemorrhages & heart attacks.

    I also thought Rex Gilroy’s question about the toilet facilities on that alien world was rather cunning. But it also disappointed me since I’ve always thought excretion should be something any advanced race would have eventually solved —maybe by way of Sly’s 3 sea shells?

  • Francois Basilio

    in regards to the “Byzatine iPad” the “app” they were speculating on, which was a little wooden door at the back of wooden ipad was not an app it was a compartment to hold a “calibration banana” which keeps the device accurate to within -100,000 CBU’s (calibration banana units)

  • A_Beam
  • Francois Basilio

    Just as us Humans can only see a tiny amount of the light spectrum does not mean there is only visible light!, I think our view of reality is the same we can only see a sliver of reality, Does not mean the rest does not exist we just cant see or comprehend it! Great episode! but im still banging on about the Rough episode (9:19 with elliot) that was an awesome episode I think you guys should do one like that every Month, As im a Plus member I would like you guys to at least think about it! (Technically im your Boss, Since i contribute to your wage) I bet you never hear that one!

  • seejaynix

    I see more of a teletubby than an eggman.