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  • After daring to watch those images, now I feel that *I* have been scarred o___0

  • Francois Basilio

    not to mention everyone is off their face on something and if they saw him, they might have been that out of it they simply dont remember

  • Francois Basilio

    the “SCARS” are from wearing jocks, all men that were jocks will have these, Or all men that wear jocks have been abducted. I don’t know therefore abduction……….simple realy!

  • Francois Basilio

    also did she take the photo of his balls before or after they hooked up??

  • Scott

    Ah, bloody hell. forgot what the Mars Scars topic was, thought it was pics of geography on mars and clicked link… my eyes…

  • nasterious

    I’m disappointed: It doesn’t look a thing like nads … Even so, who is the hand model spreading the skin? Never mind — I reckon they’re his. He needs a Martian manicure.