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Bermuda Triangle Doesn’t Like Runner in Giant Hamster Ball

We all know that the Bermuda Triangle eats ships and planes like they’re candy. So when it sees something in the shape of a giant ball with something soft inside, it’s probably thinking “Cadbury Egg!” That could explain why a man trying to run around the entire Bermuda Triangle inside a homemade floating human hamster ball failed only three days into his trek.

Iranian-born US national Reza Baluchi described his trip as a fundraiser “for children in need” and “to … inspire those that have lost hope for a better future.” The 42-year-old ultramarathoner’s goal was to travel around the Bermuda Triangle, from Miami to Bermuda to Puerto Rico to Miami, a 1,033 mile trip, to raise money for his charity, Plant Unity.

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle

Baluchi called his self-designed floating human hamster ball a “hydro pod bubble runner.” Built out of metal, soccer balls and 3mm-thick plastic, it’s propelled by running inside like a classic hamster ball. His plan was to run until he got too hot, jump into the water to cool off (while tethered to the ball), then climb back in and repeat. The pod had a hammock for sleeping, protein bars and bottled water for sustenance, fishing gear, a satellite phone and a waterproof pouch for his green card and passport. Baluchi said he successfully tested the pod last year in the Pacific and has been preparing for two years.

What could possibly go wrong? When dealing with the Bermuda Triangle, just about anything. Baluchi left Miami on Wednesday, October 1, and was spotted on Thursday, still on the Miami coast, by a person who told the U.S. Coast Guard he asked for directions to Bermuda. The Coast Guard picked him up on Saturday, October 4, about 70 miles from St. Augustine after he turned on his tracking beacon.

Where’s Baluchi’s big ball now? In the belly of the beast. The Coast Guard left it in the water and the Bermuda Triangle has by now devoured it as a warning to Baluchi and any future human hamsters crazy enough to try this stunt again.

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  • maya

    Hey, at least he is trying to help the world out in some way.h needs a couple of dedicated spotters to tag along, someone who believes in helping a good cause.

  • maya

    Hey, at least he is trying to help the world out in some way. He just needs a couple of dedicated spotters to help him finish a worthwhile goal.

  • Britney Presnell

    how does this “help the world in some way”? its just something he wants to do. lol

  • Phillip Morton

    There is no way you could make this up. Gotta give himan A plus for effort. I couldn’t help but laugh at him asking directions to Bermuda.

  • Conspiracy Carrot

    Don’t worry, Chief, it didn’t cost you a penny. You can sleep easy tonight. By the way, if you’re so concerned about the poor kids, you can go feed some right now.

  • Anus

    No idiot, it did cost me a penny. Who do you think funds the Coast Guard? The tooth fairy? Although, you are probably one of the 54% that lives off a government subsidy. Don’t lump us all in with you, some of us actually work and pay taxes.

  • Anus

    One more thing because I am assuming no one could make a comment this stupid unless you misunderstood. I have no problem with charitable actions. This guy dropped a ball in the ocean, ignored warnings to turn back and then hung out until being rescued. This was not planned well at all. I have the same issue with the idiots who perform stunts and then depend on emergency rescue to bail them out. Ex. Niagra Falls jumpers, base jumpers, etc.

  • Mark McAnulty


  • Mark McAnulty

    Grant you that it probably was just a little ill conceived, even tho it was for charitable work. On the other hand, the Coast Guard trains for emergencies day in and day out, which also cost money. When they went out to get this guy, it became a training mission that they could practice by the book, becoming that much better in their profession. I SEE THAT AS A WIN-WIN.

  • floydlee

    And then pray that THEY come out of it alive !!!