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12.23 – MU Podcast


Joshua Cutchin joins us on this episodes to discuss his research into strange exchanges of food between eyewitnesses and paranormal entities.

We consider the “food taboo”, links between faerie folklore and UFO abductions, and the legendary alien pancakes.

We also cover the latest on impending doom via asteroids and investigate group abductions in San Diego.

Joshua Cutchin – Entity food research

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  • jim kelly

    Strange food section made me think of when I heard my mother screaming about the liver in the fridge. It escaped it’s bag and climed half way up the milk bottle.

    Not that paranormal but strange.

  • Wendy Collins

    Was the liver still attached to its original owner at the time?


  • FreshLaundry

    Grays seem to be able to hypnotize and abduct without any problems whatsoever – so why would they need to get someone to eat something? It seems to me that it is the act of you agreeing to accept a hospitality that is more important than the actual substance given. It reminds me of how some people say you have to invite a vampire inside your home before he can come in. I’m surprised I didn’t hear anyone mention that. (p.s. The NZ film “What We Do In the Dark” is hilarious btw.)

  • DrinkinWithSkeletons

    Josh here—VERY good point! Food’s role in hospitality (and what that might mean for entity food) is something that I do go into in my manuscript… my only qualm with the idea about the consumption of entity food meaning acceptance of hospitality is that almost every abductee given food is forced to consume it, rendering any “acceptance” moot.
    I think you’re onto the right track, though, in the sense that the exchange has a more symbolic purpose rather than a 1:1 cause/effect relationship, if that makes any sense….
    I need to check out that flick!

  • Wendy Collins

    *hands coat*

    I’m so very confused.