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13.02 – MU Podcast


Filmmaker Christ Garetano joins us to discuss his new documentary ‘Montauk Chronicles’ and the tales of mind control, time travel and alien technology that surround it.

Could there be any truth behind the extreme claims of the three men who claim to have witnessed the unspeakable at Camp David in Montauk New York?


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Montauk Chronicles

Christopher Garetano


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  • The first thing that came to mind when Garetano mentioned the experiments with children was Whitley Strieber’s claims that he too was subject to similar types of abuse. Allegedly, by placing him inside a very small box or cell, the terrified children were able to ‘break’ the barrier between dimensions and step into another world. Kind of like Narnia meets Hostel or something…

    Oh, and I was already aware of the ‘deprogramming’ techniques involving um, ‘manual stimulation.’ Alexandra “Chica” Bruce investigated the Montauk story some time ago, and interviewed a guy who claimed to have been a soldier in “another life” who had been sent to the Persian gulf… this *before* the actual Persian gulf war took place.

    Bruce was eventually ‘scared out’ of investigating the whole Montauk think. Hope that doesn’t happen to Chris…

  • JahaRa

    Re: Thynk – electricity is addictive, I don’t know if it is physiological or psychological, but I have seen addicts. In in the 80’s in southern El Paso, TX & Juarez, MX 10-12 year old boys would steal a car battery and go around selling shocks for a dollar and lots of 10-12 year old boys would pay over and over for the shocks.

  • Wendy Collins

    That Three Stooges voice had us all cracking up. Thanks for the high praise, I’ve passed it on to Ben and Aaron. Really appreciated.


  • Wendy Collins

    Hi Parker!

    This is a seriously nice comment, thank you for taking the time and effort to get in touch. I guess we have a small “MU Bump” effect after all!

    Thanks so much for being such a loyal fan 🙂


  • Wendy Collins

    Hey Pablo,

    We always have the track listings on each episode

    This track was San Holo – Hiding (Halch Remix)