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French Nuclear Director Says UFO Was Over His Plant

Someone is very interested in our nuclear plants around the world – interested enough to be flying various aircraft over and around them in plain sight. Who is doing this? While the media, government agencies and many people in France – a country with a large nuclear power industry where numerous sightings have occurred recently – believe the crafts are drones flown by nuclear protesters, the director of one of these plants recently said that, in his opinion, the recent one seen over his facility was a UFO.

In the fall of 2014, it was reported that there were anywhere from 13 to 18 incidents of French nuclear power plants being targets of surveillance or suspicious hovering by UFOs. One of them was the Blayais Nuclear Power Plant in southwestern France. In a presentation on the fiscal and security status of his plant, director Pascal Pezzani told the audience that there definitely was something flying over the facility (not the image above) but it was not a drone – it was a UFO. Here’s a Google English translation of his comment from the French news site Sud Quest:

Here, we have not seen drone. We saw a UFO and there was no impact on the safety of our sites. Our position is clear, when there overflight of the site and we complain we communicate.

So, plant director Pascal Pezzani stated unequivocally that what was seen hovering over his plant was NOT a drone but a UFO. Since he says it was unidentified, that eliminates helicopters, balloons, blimps and hovering jets and leaves …

Unfortunately, director Pezzani’s speculation ends with “UFO.”

Witness sketch of UFO seen over a French nuclear plant

Witness sketch of UFO seen over a French nuclear plant (not Blayais)

These UFO sightings over nuclear facilities worldwide have been occurring long before drones became available. While many plants do not hesitate to report them, none seem to want to contact or confront them. Why not?

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  • maya

    Maybe after the Fukushima incident, some strange phenomena are present and calculating the odds of a world wide pole shift or massive earthquake shift scenario. The sort of melt down type of catastrophic event of Fukushima, and the overall effect must need to be taken into account if in fact the earth shifts, I guess??? I mean what is with these world wide booms, as well as the strange stuff of many NDEs of late?

  • Things in France are *very* different than in other countries. Over there, they take UFOs seriously, and they even haven a official unit associated with the French space agency (GEIPAN) that has investigated UAPs (the preferred term) for many decades. So it’s no wonder the director of this plant had no qualms in speaking his mind about what he thinks it really was hovering over this nuclear facility.

  • Paul Seaburn

    True, RPJ. I think it’s also interesting/significant that they are more afraid of drones and their operators than UFOs.

  • LOL well, drones are more prone to malfunctioning than UFOs. Did you see that story about the narco-drone that crashed down in Tijuana? 😉

  • Paul Seaburn

    I’m surprised that doesn’t happen more often – the skies are getting more crowded every day.

  • Quilan Hanniffy

    It’s a obvious thing if you do some ufo research. They are always keeping watch in nuclear facilities. Even disarmed many installations. They don’t trust us dumb humans to not blow ourselves up!

  • Neo Racer

    A nuclear site, and not-one-picture-or-videooooo???!! lol

  • Wow,, and so easy to believe! right? … no , not!
    Because why is there no evidence? Why is there no pictures? Why is there no witness?

    Maybe the answer is so easy that everything is a hoax 🙂

  • 967Pasha

    The nuclear industry don’t tell the truth, never have, never will. If they had evidence of any kind they wouldn’t be sharing it … I was hoping these UFOs were flying past to put the fear of god into these masters of evil nuppets & begin the extinction of nuclear plants before nuclear power failures are the extinction of us….

  • 967Pasha

    agree 100%. I have always hoped they will save us from the nuclear masters of evil & hope they know it’s not majority of the planets ppl who are pro nukers, as no more the 5% want nuclear plants.

    we are the victims of nuclear morons & the lies this industry tell about everything they do…. Or ETs are highly concerned with reactors leaking isotopes 24/7. Earths people are being told that if you live on the west coast of Canada or the US then your not on the endangered list (yet ) your on the most likely to become extinct list by radiation related diseases….:(

  • Quilan Hanniffy

    Well if you go deeper there is a universal law of free will. Also, the Star Trek thing is real, they cannot interfere in our evolution. But some clearly don’t like us having the a ability to kill so many so easily. Check out the UK bent waters case 1980 case. Ufos there disarmed nuclear facilities there. One of the soliders had a download from The ufo, and they were actually us from them future. Maybe they have prevented a nuclear war.

  • Mark

    Nuclear energy is an extinction level event waiting to happen. I’ll try to explain. Nuclear reactors are not designed to be unmanned and only a handful of the most modern ones can handle a full scale meltdown (in theory..). There are 451 operational reactors around the world! So what does unmanned mean. If any global catastrophic event occurred, for eg. an EMP or a pandemic it is safe to assume that most reactors would be unmanned. Operators either being dead or looking after their families. Within a few hours the reactors will scram i.e. automatic control rod insertion which stops criticality. But reactors are super hot and remain so for around 3 years. They require constant cooling. When the reactor scrams backup power generators start up. They run on diesel. US law requires one week’s worth of diesel on site. So within a week the generators stop. Boil off starts very quickly followed by meltdown. In most cases breach of containment follows and a massive release of radiation into the atmosphere. That’s the good news. The spent fuel rod cooling ponds are even more dangerous and contain much more radioactive hot material. So when mankind has built an extinction level time bomb and chooses not to acknowledge that fact I am not surprised that UFOs have a keen interest in the reactors. In fact I am quite grateful! They are possibly our only hope because I can’t see the idiots in charge doing anything about it.

  • Mark

    Thank goodness someone else gets it. They are an extinction level to time bomb. If people really knew OMG!

  • Mark

    Did you forget to take your pills?

  • Dan Oshea

    451 farenheit – ignition temp for paper.