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Two Human-Alien Hybrids in One Week

While stories of alien sightings and abductions by aliens are becoming more common, it’s still rare to hear about encounters with human-alien hybrids. It’s even more rare when two such stories occur in one week. Yet that’s the case for this past week as we read news stories about a possible human-alien hybrid working for the CIA in California and an alien-humanoid discovered during a well dig in India. Is it an invasion?

Police in Pacific Palisades, California, were called to investigate a decomposing body in an SUV. The remains belonged to Jeffery Alan Lash and apparently had been in the vehicle for two weeks. Lance’s fiancee, Catherine Nebron, told police she believed he was some sort of undercover officer, possibly with the CIA. So far, just your usual dead body investigation.

Lash died on July 4th and, per his instructions, Nebron left his body parked in the SUV where government officials would pick it up. Two days later, one of Lash’s employees – Dawn VadBunker – was reported missing by her mother, who said her daughter was convinced by Lash that he was an alien or human/alien hybrid “sent to Earth to protect us.”

Some of the weapons stash found in the homer of purported human-aliin Jeffrey Lash

Some of the weapons stash found in the homer of purported human-alien Jeffrey Lash

If Lash was an alien or a hybrid, his non-human relatives left him no alien weapons but plenty of money because police found over 1,200 guns in his home worth an estimated $5 million, over 6 tons of ammunition, a number of SUVs modified for harsh terrain driving and $230,000 in cash.

Was Jeffery Lash an alien-human hybrid? There’s been no autopsy report and Dawn VadBunker – the woman who made the claim – is still missing. The only known photo of him appears to be from a high school yearbook where he looks as human as a teenager can look.

Only known photo so far of alleged alien-human hybrid Jeffrey Lash

Only known photo so far of alleged alien-human hybrid Jeffery Lash

On the other hand, the creature found in India looks definitely like an alien-human hybrid or something close. It was allegedly found by people digging a water well in the Bawadi village of Jodhpur in Rajasthan. It’s kind of small to be a hybrid but it definitely looks a little human and a little reptilian. Is there a little truth to it?



Meanwhile, the Lash mystery is ongoing.

Any thoughts on either?



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  • Cindy

    That is a human baby. It looks preterm and looks like it has the birth defect known as anencephaly. It’s fatal and babies born with this defect often appear like something part human and part something else. Quite often frog- like. It was quite possibly still born, but was definitely abandoned by a human. No alien involved.

  • J.Griffin

    Hybrid-aliens,of course.

    I guess they didn’t trust him with any blasters or phasers….

  • SchalaRenee

    That “alien” baby looks just like a baby born with a form of encephaly, probably anencephaly, which means no brain, therefore it would look deformed and alien looking. I had a cousin who had anecephaly. She lived for about 30 minutes, but she looked almost exactly like that. She was no alien, just a beautiful little angel who had the poor luck to be born with a fatal genetic malformation.

  • fred volsunia

    You positively identify an alien passing itself off as human and give it to me an I
    WILL find out the plan.