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15.25 – MU Podcast


For our season 15 finale we are joined by author Brennan Storr who shares his own personal paranormal experiences, along with tales of the unexplained, from his new book ‘A Strange place’.

We then feature new research into mind altering parasites and the implications of their manipulation of human behaviour.


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Brennan Storr



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  • Edgar Maravilla

    Synchronicity? Holy hell my cousin just told me a story last weekend of how he was home alone. He said he heard something drop in the living room. He initially didn’t want to go look but when he heard it again he went to the hallway to look. He said what he say he couldn’t rationialize, it was a “shadow in shape of a person” and it was trying to fix the picture frame that was on the floor ;(. He said he took a step back because he couldn’t beleieve what he was seeing. At that point in time the being took notice of his presence and ran. Even though he was scared he said he wanted to see what it was, he went to the living room and he could see it at the other end of the couch, in a type of fetal position. He said at the point it got to real so he went to his room locked it and tried not to think about it again. He had another experience in the bathroom but this is too long all ready haha. I was afraid at the time now this episode only verifies my fears haha. Random sychronicity! 🙂

  • kenmora

    Great episode. Now what about this for a mind-altering parasite scenario: Use CRISPR technology to modify a parasite to make it’s hosts engage in some social-control like agoraphobia? You’d create a nation of shut-ins, very easy to control.