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16.08 – MU Podcast


New York Times best selling author Ben Mezrich joins us this week to discuss his upcoming book ‘The 37th Parallel: The Secret Truth Behind America’s UFO Highway‘.

Mezrich’s work follows veteran researcher Chuck Zukowski and his obsessive quest to find the truth behind the UFO phenomenon, cattle mutilations, government secrecy and ultimately to the revelation of “the 37th Parallel”.


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Ben Mezrich



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  • We are a local Edmonton podcast. Can’t believe we missed this bear spray story. Great episode!

  • CrashOverride

    But the Little Mermaid undersea castle of dildo towers was intentional yes? 🙂

  • CrashOverride

    Great episode! Will fully be checking out Ben’s book. Sounds fascinating.

  • Marvelous show, as always. I can’t help but wondering if this cemetery I recently came across is on the “UFO superhighway”–it’s guarded by a team of man-eating sentinel cats.

  • Would you mind providing a link for your Edmonton podcast? I was recently there last month!

  • Spencer Carmona

    Point Pleasant, West Virginia which was made famous by Mothmen sightings in the late 60’s is on the 38th parallel. Not quite 37th but the book does mention that it is on or off by one parallel where majority of the paranormal activity is happening.