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16.13 – MU Podcast


Veteran field researcher Chuck Zukowski joins us this week to provide more insight into his continuing 37th Parallel research.

With over 30 years experience in UFO investigations, cattle mutilations, and other related fields, Zukowski has a unique, hands-on perspective that reveals a keen understanding of the true depth of these mysteries.


Chuck Zukowski


Chuck captures UFO over Area51


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  • RenaissanceLady

    I just paused the podcast after listening to Chuck Zukowski’s segment, which I loved. This may be one of those things that would be easier explained in a call rather than in a long comment, but…
    I’ve spent most of the last 10 years living in northern Park County, Colorado. (The only breaks have been when I’ve been in northern New Mexico, which is where I’ve currently been working during the last few weeks and will likely stay through the first of the year. I also spent a year-and-a-half living just north of Santa Fe. This is important, as I’ll later explain.) So, I’m just throwing a few miscellaneous tidbits out there. Do with it what you will.:
    — The area where I’ve lived in Colorado is surrounded by Pike National Forest.
    — Bigfoot sightings are EXTREMELY common in this area.
    — There is a Monkey Creek in Park County. You better believe it wasn’t named after an actual monkey.
    — UFO sightings, especially of large, triangular UFOs, are common. This is especially true in the area near Bailey where CR-43 comes to an end.
    — Reports of weird lights appearing in the forest, sometimes taking off and landing, have also been reported fairly frequently in that area. Sometimes, these coincide with a rash of local Bigfoot sightings.
    — The phenomenon of unmarked black helicopters is absolutely effing real. I don’t know anyone, myself included, who has lived in the area for any length of time and not seen one. (Even the first-ever episode of Southpark included a bit about the unmarked black ‘copters. The actual area of Southpark is, after all, southern Park County beginning immediately south of Kenosha Pass.) Still, these sightings seem to go in spurts.
    — Many of us, myself included, have been awake or have awakened to the sound of several helicopters flying overhead. OK, these could be military, especially as both the Air Force and Army have bases in and around Colorado Springs, just on the other side of the mountains. Still… On one occasion, I was awake enough to go outside and look, seeing absolutely nothing even though I could clearly hear them. I’m not the only person who has had such an occurrence.
    — Bailey just had one of those shallow earthquakes a few days ago. While it was only a magnitude 2.4, it was at a depth of 5 km (3.1 miles). I was here in New Mexico when it occurred and my personal friends slept through it, though reports from others in the area stated it felt powerful enough to have awakened them and that they heard what sounded like an explosion at the time. I can tell you that there is absolutely no fracking in the area. This does, however, bring me to my next point.
    — If you can find some old USGS maps, you’ll discover this whole section of Colorado, well into New Mexico, is full of old mining shafts and tunnels. I have heard that many of these tunnels have likely been connected, at some point, into other tunnels for other mines. Part of me wonders if these sounds of explosions is from the collapse of parts of these mines. At the same time:
    — If you look at where the underground Cheyenne Mountain Base is located–and consider that most of its personnel have been recently transferred to the Air Force Base, leaving a small crew there who is doing… something else–and if you consider its location near the Great Sand Dunes (which has many UFO sightings and reports of a buzzing coming from underground)–and if you also look at its location in the San Luis Valley–it becomes easier for me to consider how these places may be making their own tunnels or working with existing tunnels into such places as Dulce and beyond.
    — When I lived near Santa Fe a few years ago, I was traveling for work in and around much of northern New Mexico. Though I went into Chama and was told by my bosses I could work the Dulce area as well, I never went there. Being unaware of its reputation, I was surprised to hear from a few people from the pueblos near Santa Fe that it would be dangerous for a single woman traveling alone to be in that area after dark, as would have happened had I included that area. The pueblo people are not Jicarilla Apache, but it would appear its reputation is common knowledge to the locals throughout that whole region. It should be noted that the rep who lived far closer to Dulce than I also refused to work Dulce–and was also a single woman. I suspect she may have had a similar warning or otherwise had misgivings.

    I apologize for the length of all of this and could probably write a dissertation. I can only conclude with one thing: Many of these areas have people who have lived on that land for countless generations. They have stories of their own which has also survived generations and are rarely shared with anyone outside of their own immediate communities. Chuck Zukowski is an excellent researcher, but he’s only scratched the surface.

  • BW

    Regarding the 37th parallel, I checked the latitude of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. It was the site of a long-running flap in the 1970s that was investigated by Harley Rutledge, the Chairman of the Physics Department at Southeast Missouri University. CG’s latitude: 37º 18′ 33″. Heh.

  • David Watson

    hay guys love your show been listening for a while now.

    Did you guys know that skin walker ranch is on the 37th parallel and there is some pretty crazy stuff thats happened there

  • where’s that master booklist link by Maddy in the show notes?

    oh here it is