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16.16 – MU Podcast


For this Halloween special we bring in Lucas arts sound design professionals to carve the spookiest effects in full 3D virtual reality binuaral LSD audio. 

Or we may just have a sound board of creaky doors and cat screeches….

What we do have 100% confirmed is enthralling tales of Italian time machines invented by Venetian monks, the forefathers of EVP, and a collection of time slip experiences to the medieval age.


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  • FaulhaberOswin

    If the Chronovisor was real, and if they are willing to test their faith by finding christ in the past, why didn’t they try to find the creation of the Earth?

    If it’s a remote viewing machine, does it only have access to human history? Can they look anywhere in the universe?

    If it can be used to view any point in space at any time in the past, then it would be extremely useful to remote view an advanced alien civilization and try to reverse engineer their technology. You could remote view their technical specifications as well as the construction process.

  • RenaissanceLady

    I absolutely loved this episode. One of my favorite paranormal topics is about time-slips, so I’m delighted so much time was spent covering it.